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Written about Tuesday 2009-10-13
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Ok so I was going to give college a try but at this time college is not working out for me. So tomorrow I go and talk to the recruiters again and then from there I will finish out this semester and then probably ship out shortly after that. I know that some of you might not like this but this is something I have to do. I feel as if I am going no where with my life, and at this point I need to do something. I have always known that I would join the army; it was always a matter of when, not if. If you would like to keep in touch with me until Januaryish here will work but after that time, I don't know when I will be shipping out, (Will tell when I know.) You can either get a hold of me at tykoerner@gmail.com  or  tylerkoerner@live.com .

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Written about Sunday 2009-03-08
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Okay then well, the army was put on hold longer cause I broke my hand, while it was placed on hold my mom tried to work away at my will and when she saw that wasn't working she gave me a deal. I am moving to Alaska to live with my uncle and go to school up there. I will be leaving from New Mexico the 18th and going to Colorado. I will be staying there for a week and leaving on the 25th, at which I will go up to Alaska I will still be joining the army, just not for another 4 or so years. I just might even join the reserves to have them pay for the schooling.

When I get up to Alaska I am not to sure how long it will be for me to get on and check messages on here, I'll try my best but it might be a moth or so before I can get on for any period of time.

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Written about Monday 2009-01-05
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Ok, for all of those that dont know

I am leaving for the army no later then the 20th of Jan. I had surgery and my doctored cleared me to leave after the 13th of Jan. So I will be leaving shortly after that date. I have not been able to get on as doing thing pertaining to joining the army.
Now I know most of you will not be happy that I am leaving but I am, so please try and not to be to mean?

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Written about Tuesday 2006-08-22
Written: (6450 days ago)
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