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Written about Saturday 2006-01-28
Written: (5176 days ago)

hey yall whats up notta lot here just bored as everything up at my frinds house brittany v.. but yeah i really need to go to sleep cuz i gots to get up as 6:30 to go get my hair did for our winter thingie but im not really tired and britt is in her room talking to a guy so im like really lonely.. but o-well i might try to go get some sleep.. right like that will ever happen cuz elfpack is way more kewler then sleeping! well Holla!!!!

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Written about Friday 2005-11-18
Written: (5247 days ago)

omg!! i hate those stupid mother fuckers that think they can get aaway with anything just because ther older!! i will never let anybody view my cam un less i know then and i know that they wouldnt try anything that hurt me.... damn im tired if being taken advantage of on the damn computer... man and i want to talk to darrel but hes not on any more to talk to him... so thats why im putting all my anger out on this thing so i dont blow uo my fucking computer. by beating it in with a bat!!! grrr i hate pervs!!!

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