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Written about Monday 2010-07-05
Written: (4897 days ago)

I have moved from my grandpas to my grandmothers farm. Its 81 acres i think, half woods and half open feilds. very pretty. Hopefully i can get my life straight cuz I'm tired of running in circles. I looking for a job and hope i get one very soon. Got to take my dog akira to the vet tomorrow and its gonna cost me over $100 money i don't really have. O well my gma is helping me out but i really need my own money. I got a ford ranger that needs fixing. I think it needs some rewiring and after i get it fixed i'll be able to drive anywhere and make trips to columbus more often.

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Written about Friday 2010-02-12
Written: (5040 days ago)

ok things are so not going well. Memorys that are unwanted keep stopping for a visit. My chest pains won't go away and i'm stuck out in glouster with no friends! GRRRR! I hate this i'm gonna try and more back to columbus in april i'm going stir crazy out here! Only things keeping me sane if the fact that i'll be seeing nathan again sometime soon and my dad.

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Written about Saturday 2008-09-27
Written: (5543 days ago)

today i found out that my dog bell, who lived with my grandmother passed away last night. i would of found out sooner had i been home. instead i was attending our schools homecoming game. i'm so sad. i want to cry my heart out. when i was 2 we had gotten Bell and shes been in my life. we had many good times. she was over 14 years old when she passed last night. she lives almost 6 years pass her average life span for her breed. she was a beautiful boxer, a one of a kind dog. now she rests between to maple trees and has begain her journey to be with our other dog Rusty(who passed away 2.5 years ago.)
of the four dogs that started out together only one remains. that dog is close to his time too, i can feel it. we owned 2 of the dogs(bell and rusty). my grandma and my grandpa(who passed 2 years ago at the beginning of sept.) owned Shadow(who just passed away only about a month ago) and sunheart.
soon the four will all be together again, but i still will miss the dearly.
all of my friends know i am a big animal lover and each one i have known could never replace. one day i will write "true love never strays" on here. about my journey with all the animals i have ever known. because each one was very diffrent and special.

Love You Bell, have a safe journey!

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