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Written about Tuesday 2010-03-30
Written: (3654 days ago)


I am intelligent
I am caring
I am funny
I am me
sitting in the cage with folded wings
I become who you want me to be
it is not me
just let me be me
and set me free
I will comfort you and hold you
to make you happy
just let me be me
it is all I ask
let me be free to find myself
and if you set me free
I will return a bird with beautiful wings
let me fly and be me
do not cry when I leave
I will be back in spring
open my cage and let me spread my wings
let me fly with the angels
do not cry for me
let me touch the stars
let me be me
let me be happy
let me chase my dream
this cage is not for me
so I ask you my dearest friend will you set me free

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Written about Friday 2010-03-12
Written: (3672 days ago)

bored tired and idk wt else i honestly cnt wait 2 gt 2 england if i evr do

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