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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-23
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Types of orcs

This is a name sometimes used to refer to orcs (especially in The Hobbit). It generally doesn't refer to any particular type of orc but was sometimes used specifically to identify orcs who lived in areas such as the Misty Mountains.

Half orc

There were some in the sevice of Saruman who were a crossbreed between men and orcs. One example is the southerner who was with Bill Ferny in Bree. Frodo thought at the time that he looked a lot like a goblin. Many similar men were also seen later on in the service of Saruman in his wars with Rohan. At the end of the books in the scouring of the shire, the hobbits returned home to find the shire overrn with half-orcs sent by Saruman. They were sometimes described as squinty eyed men, though the hobbits referred to them directly as half-orcs.


A lower class of orc who often acted as slaves. Generally smaller than other orcs.


This was the black speech term for orc. Usually, however, this term was only used to refer to the stronger soldier orcs originally bred by Sauron that came from Mordor and Isengard in the Third Age. For example, when Frodo and Sam were in Mordor, Sam overheard some orcs speaking and one of them referred to the orcs from Minas Morgul as a pack of rebel Uruk-hai. Saruman also made use of Uruk-hai for a large portion of his army along with normal orcs and half-orcs. These orcs were larger and stronger than other orcs and were also able to withstand daylight better. The books often portrayed Uruk-hai asserting their superiority over smaller orcs.

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Written about Sunday 2005-12-04
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if you read my profile and are thinking what a pathic freak... I do to no end blame you. Maybe i am a barbarian and a loser, freak, inhuman blob, or what ever else you want to call me.. Again i do not care... Obvioulsy the cards have been delt and played... So i pose this question... Am i the one being played am i the player? No matter, either way the lot of you ass holes will never care. You have no reason to. Oh by the way say what you are going to. I dont care, it isnt like i feel the pain anylonger... Pain does not hurt when it is all that you have felt...Like hell. The only way to excape pain itself it to excape being human... as i am doing... done or whatever...

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-30
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O-kay... to asll of my friends that may wonder in the next coming weeks... I hve decided that i am not taking any medications of mind other than my shit for Migranes... the erst of the other shit (hert meds, blood pressure and bipolar meds) can well all take a hike... SO if i get sick for a long time and do not come on and answer shit you all can just assume that i am either

2.)near death
3.)In the hospital because it got damn bad.

I have been on the meds far to long without and change... So i serioulsy question the meds have been taking... anyway it is lust as a close friend of mine said... The are slowly poisoning me... I have come to beleive that that is indeed the fucking case... so yeah for the next month just dont assume that you are going to hear from me or that i am alive... It would be in your best intrest if you did so... Futher more if i come to find out that i am happier this way... I wont ever take them again... Even if it kills me faster, i much rather be ahppy than be in pain all the time...

got to go
reply if this concerns you or if you wanna say anythign about it
~Dark Ange~

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Written about Friday 2005-10-21
Written: (6247 days ago)

yes this means something but you are not getting it out of me

My star has burnt out and thy light is gone. i represant all that has nothing to do with life and nothing to do with death. i feel that i am neither that which is dead but not that which is alive either. I am what i call there, standing one the side line watching as each moment of life goes slipping by soundly. i feel that i am that of which seaks that of nothing but everything at the same time. How and i to know that is to come next? how an i to know what has passed? how am i to know what i am doing? That is easy: I dont. I dont care to either for there is not a reason to hold on to what are call simple HUMAn justers. i am not what others want me to be i know that but i also know that i am not what i want to be. Though i am not going to cry about it, it is my own fault and i take it as unto such.

My starlight that once shined and lead others has faded as i have lost that what i fought to keep. though i gave it away knowing that i had to i stiull lost that which gave me my light. to those which are reading this and are lost i am sorry, but to those few that read this and are NOT lost there is a reason that you are not and that would be because you are incredabully close, you are the person, or you just live near to me and are my world baisacly said. to that person that this is about: I know that I do not show that i feel so sad about what i have done but i do. It sint like i am a heartless bithch that people think that i am i am just lost and trying to do what i think is rite to do in this life that is all. I may be lost and very mislesad but i know that i will find my way. i know that the one that i wanted by my side as i did this is no longer there and i know that you can not be here. Not because you dont care but because we know both that i need to do some things on my own. I know that and well a great many others know that. this road that i am living on and leading is long and whinding, troubling and i know that once i reach the end one day i will be again happy and not so pissed. i wont be so lost and i will know what i am trying to do just like people want me to. As i strive each day to become better i also become lost in that which is not meant to be. i know this and i know that i am working my way through this. i know that i am not what i once was. I am happy and sad because of that. i know that i have probably lost you for a shor while and i know that when i get you back i will be most joyus not in the means of love mostdefantaly but s friends or anything wlse like unto that. i know that what i have wrote my be read by all of my friends. and i know that i am writing and applying to a few people. and as they read tis they may question whom they are. so i want to name those few people that i wowe my life to. becaruse they are why i am here. they are the reason that i am the way i am becoming and they are the reason that i am hapier and admiting that i am doing better but it is a slow road to do better. joshua Shinn, Jeff Blair, and Chris Albers, I thank you!!!


Life sucks and you know it. Nothing ever turns out okay, nothing ever goes your way and while you have to live this horrible life the gods are laughing at you. The whole meaning with life, according to you, is simply to die. But you have not become this way just like that, you have probably been decieved, betrayed and hurt by people who meant alot to you in your past. To you, life is not even bittersweet.

Your wise quote is: "Reality bites with a variety of sizes of teeth"(-Tony Follari)
As a person, you think life is just plain painful, horrible and everything else you don't like. Happy people confuse you. Alot. I mean, why are they so happy anyway? You are depressed and perhaps utterly alone and live life rather montone. You feel there is no reason to really be here and feel helpless.

Your connection with darkness is through your interest in vampires. Theese occult beings fascinates you. Their lives are just something you would kill for, and if you would have the opportunity to be sired, you would. Living a mortal kind of life is just so ordinary and boring. You aren't necessarly evil just because of this interest/obsession, you just can connect with them and their lifestyles. Though people have a hard time understanding this and chances are you're a social outcast. Perhaps you hate your life and therefor developed this interest, to escape reality.

Your soul is dead.
You've probably been through one too many rough times in your life which has eaten you up from the inside. Now there's nothing more to eat from since you just don't care anymore. Life is meaningless and you live it like a zombie. The good thing though is that you cant be hurt, since you are so distant from the emotional world. Love is something you dont understand or just dont remember. If it was up to you, your life would already be over, but it doesn't make you suicidal. You are probably alone most of the time, looking at the world with a blank stare. The yearning to feel alive and be happy has simply gone away. What's left now is only the shell of what used to be you.

Your element is Darkness. You are the truly evil one with a black heart and no soul. People avoid you since you cause so much trouble and enjoy seeing others in pain. You would like nothing more than to rule this earth and be hailed by all. Everyone is annoying and stupid anyway and are a waste of oxygen. You are probably a cast-away from society and family and have had a tough life where you learned to live the hard way. Now you want revenge on your pain and can no longer feel love nor care. You do not wish to befriend anyone and you certainly do not wish to be in love. As a student of having learnt everything the hard way, you tend to be manipulative when you want something for yourself. In your head there is only you that matters, and why shouldn't it? No one cares about you so why should you? In school you probably ditch classes and go somewhere else instead of sitting in a classroom. It is not that you are stupid, because you're probably very smart, but everyone annoy you. And having to sit in the same room, breathing the same air as your enemies is not desired by you. Rate and message!

You need someone loyal.
People have let you down since forever and you have always been left by yourself. Your life spark is now barely flickering and there is a big feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. You don't know what to do anymore in your life and everything has a sense of meaningless to it. Though you're not only sad, you also carry hate and many grudges on people. You have a hard time letting people in, but with your history you don't even desire that so much anymore.

Explanation: Unlike everyone else you can change your body materia and transform into anything (e.g. an animal). This can be used in good purposes for infiltrating evil headcuarters or adjust your physical abilities by transforming and therefor do better in battle. If turned to the evil side, a transfomer could manipulate the "good guys" by looking like their loved ones and break them down.
As a person you are dissapointed with life. You have not so many interests anymore and has become depressed. Of course you can be happy, but your happiness subsides quickly and don't last very long. You isloate yourself from people since you think they would only hurt you, but some part just wants someone equal who understands the pain. When you transform it gives you freedom and you can be anything but yourself. You often pity yourself but don't let people come near and know what's going on with you. But the thought of opening up and risking being betrayed is too strong and intimidating to even try.
Negative aspects: You carry much hate to the world and yourself and in the long run this could lead to dangerous thoughts (suicide/cutting/killing) though the last one is least likeable since you would probably just have too much guilt.

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