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Written about Wednesday 2005-06-22
Written: (5403 days ago)

Where Ever The Black May Lie and Fanasty Poetry Contest ok im just writing this so i can remember

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Written about Thursday 2005-05-19
Written: (5437 days ago)

todays ok but i watched this booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggg movie and it almost killed me ahhhhh i think im gonna DIE!i like action pack they keep me occupied but not WHITE NOISES NOOOOOO ITS SO FREAKIN BORING TO TEARS

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Written about Sunday 2005-03-27
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its easter and i didnt get anything at all heeellllooo im only 13 and my mom said i was too old for easter....it gets worse my sister is only 10 and she doesnt get anything either when i was 10 i had easter stuff.....and guess what she got my baby brother like 15 in counting ....u guessed it CLOTHES i never got that much clothes when i was little...i get good grades, i do every fucking thing they ask me,and what do i get presents i didnt even have on my list for christmas and they started telling me im selfish heres what i wanted: 3 manga books(i had to shorten it because my mom got mad at me its the same for the others) 2 dvd and i cd.....heres what i got: 3 pairs of really big jeans and whole set for making REAL stain glass and 1 dvd and 2 books.......I DONT EVEN LIKE STAIN GLASSS AND MY PARENT GOT MAD AT ME FOORRR NOT LIKEING THAT PIECE OF SHIT sure it was nice but i didnt like it and so i told my mom how i felt about it and she blew up she started sayingJAMIE I SPENT 100 DOLLERS ON THAT STUFF BLAH BLAHBLAH she said that right when i has the courage to say it to her....look my moms a dentist and we have money and the 3 pairs of jeans she took it back...she said she was going to get me somthing else.....u guessed it she didnt heres her excuse: sorry jamie but u know that since im pregenent i dont have enough energy.....BUT SHE HAD ENERGY TO GET GROCERIES EVERY FUCKING DAY AND WHEN WE DIDNT NEED IT OR EAT IT SHELL START YELLING....on my birthday i didnt get a party i wanted because my dad siad i had to pay 50 bucks and so no party....but my family(my friends) threw a suprise party for me^-^ i love u guys....any way so here i am sitting here at my computer typing this wondering if I JUST TURN 21 ALL OF A SUDDEN BECAUSE LAST YEAR I HAD EASTER STUFF i was hoping for easter i chould get spring clothes because i gave most of my winterstuff to good will because i thought i was going to gets some.MY LIFE IS SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT ITS ALL BULLSHIT.

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