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Written about Wednesday 2008-02-27
Written: (5762 days ago)

helllloooooooo!!!!! just hanging out with my lovely [Beki in Wonderland] and her other half who will not be named at this moment in time due to reasons unbeknown to other people.... reet were was i? there we go i spent the whole day at home which makes a change cus i'm usualy obssessed with seeing my friend's lol.
right so got [Beki in Wonderland] staying at mine and her other half staying at mine all week (and for thos of you who have brains the size of peas that does'nt mean i'm gonna do anything to her bf ..... i'm mean but not that mean, and if i do get confronted by anyone bout this i have one thing to say ... GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!) right anywho i'm off to watch a film with [Beki in Wonderland] love you all x x x

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Written about Thursday 2008-02-21
Written: (5768 days ago)

well well well it's been a while since i wrote in here lol anywho just on a careers course really lol.
eeee oh last night was a right laff i had [the imperfectionist], [Beki in Wonderland] and her bf around and we wanted to do a chocolate fountaine. we did it and it worked .....for about 10 minutes then i looked horrible. [Beki in Wonderland] stayed the night and we ended up doing adverts and making them sound perverted for most of the night lol it was a right laugh i loved it.

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Written about Monday 2007-10-22
Written: (5890 days ago)

ooo my first diary entry i thought i'd written in here before lol XD anywhoooo!!!
i'm bored at mo lol just being bored got an RAF practical tomorrow woop! and i might just sleep i dunno well me mate vinny might be getting with my best mate toni hope thst happens and i might be going out friday can't for that anyway thats it for now lol might write tomorrow dunno yet lol! XD

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