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Written about Tuesday 2008-03-04
Written: (5324 days ago)
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i was in a depressing mood so i wrote this i just came up with the idea to name the girl lenore cause it rhymed its supposed to be a song

Her eyes they shone like the light of the moon
Hoping to join her in sweet death soon
Her hair burns like the fires of the sun
A new day is kicking new age has begun
She sits in her dark little corner
Just playing with her gun
Contemplates suicide, the feeling that crawls so deep inside
She has no one in which to confide
So all alone and crying
She envisions herself as she’s dying
And pulls the trigger without even trying
It jerks towards her head
As the walls begin to stain such
A bloody bloody red
She drops to the floor in less than a second
And now she is dead

Death is not the end my darling
It’s only the beginning
End of all your sorrows
No worries for tomorrow

Oh but alas a few hours pass
A man walks in the room
Place of her doom
He saws her sprawled on the floor
The lonely girl who’s name was Lenore

He walks over to her, kisses her lips just to get a touch
If only she knew how much how he adored her so much
Now that shes gone all that was right seems wrong
He wonders why shed take her life like this
Everything seems so out of place and so amiss
Lost The girl he secretly loved named Lenore
Now he feels he’s got nothing left to live for
Picks the gun up off the floor points in his mouth
In death we’ll be together he screams and he shouts


Death is not the end my darling
It’s only the beginning
End of all your sorrows
No worries for tomorrow

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Written about Saturday 2008-02-16
Written: (5341 days ago)

this is something i wrote one day when i was in a fucking wierd mood gots no official title yet

Reflecting on all I’ve done
I find I have nowhere to run
Reliving my past demons got me screamin
I must be dreamin a dream
Or something far worse it seems
Its giving me quite the scare this is a nightmare
Suddenly I find myself with a lust to kill
U don’t understand and u never will
So much blood there is to spill
A voice inside me changing wat is real
My desire To walk a different path you’re a liar
Pretty soon my enemies will feel my wrath I’ll never tire
The fire in my eyes is slowing burning out
can’t you see it cause I can feel it
reality’s fuckin lost on me
I don’t know who I am anymore
Or who I wanna be

I just wanna be free forever
Free to sever
The chains of fate that bind us ever so

They say the end is coming well it might be
Sooner than u think life’s on the brink
Of destruction

We don’t trust in nothing
Time to turn the tide
When theres noone to confide
I wear black on the outside
To show how I feel on the inside

Screams at the top of my fuckin lungs
Written by sn john c simpson III—copywrittten u bastards

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Written about Friday 2007-12-14
Written: (5405 days ago)

an incomplete song -- meant for a special someone

theres so many things i would like to say ooh girl u mean so much to me i've been lost and just couldn't find my way u got me all in dissaray oh how my heart it aches for you and i long for your touch too but when i'm feeling down and blue all i do is think of u--- and smile if not just for awhile

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Written about Saturday 2007-11-17
Written: (5432 days ago)

yo check it ladies and gentlemen s.i.m.p.s.o.n. is back in action on elfpack woooohooo new and improved mwahahaa anyways hit me up peoples

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