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Written about Wednesday 2006-12-27
Written: (6352 days ago)

there was one person i had actually given my whole heart to and i got it throwen back in my face. i have never been soo used i just can't believe i believed all of his lies i love you..... i don't know why i ever believed that i know better now don't trust anyone if they say the love you make them prove it, and don't give in to anything just because you miss the sound of their vioce. i'm hurt real bad this time i feel like i'm here as toy for him to play with...... future wife my ass.

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Written about Thursday 2006-11-30
Written: (6379 days ago)

well i feel like my boyfriend doesn't love like he use to i swear he likes so many other girls way more than he cares for me lately everything that happens is always his way or the highway i mean he won't even really talk to me any more so yeah i just feel kinda crapy but oh well one of my best friends is coming back from the national guard i think thats what she is in....... but she will be back tomorrow i can't wait i miss her soooo much. oh well

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