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Written about Thursday 2010-04-01
Written: (4632 days ago)

Regular Poems Submissions April 2010

DEADLINE : April 30th, 2010

April showers has arrived, the start of spring is on.
Come coin a poem and share it with us all. 
Bring your creative minds, let your words ring loud.
You might win a froggy badge for your house.


<img75*0:http://www.elfpack.com/stuff/MorningstarRisingHeartGreen.png>THEME - April Showers,
Bring May flowers!

Your poem can be happy or sad, as long as it follows the theme. See example below.


Them April Showers

April showers, have you come to wash my tears away,
I raise my head to let you beat upon my sadden soul.
I dance around the meadow lane kicking the rain up in waves.
I laugh out loud, I cry no more, as April showers die away
My eyes they open to a brand new day as May slides gracefully in,
With the bloom of life the meadow shines in colors vivid bright.
I smile once more, head out the door, its a brand new shiny day.
Them April showers, they've washed my tears away.

Written by: [Shatureel]
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Written about Tuesday 2010-02-09
Written: (4683 days ago)
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From The Secret Daily Teachings

Good is underneath every single thing that appears to be negative. If we can know that good is all there is, including in a negative situation, then we will see a negative situation transform into all good. Most people keep the good away from themselves because they label something as bad, and then, of course, that becomes their reality. But there is no bad in the Universe; it is just our inability to see things clearly from the bigger perspective.

Peace comes from knowing that good is all that exists.

May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne - The Secret... bringing joy to billions
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Written about Monday 2009-03-23
Written: (5006 days ago)

What If

What if I ran away:
Would that solve all the problems in my head?
What if the world stopped spinning:
Would we all just float away?
What if we never met:
Would our lives still be the same?
What if we had a child:
Would it grow up without any doubts?
What if, What if, What if?
Its the story or our lives.

Written by: [Morningstar Rising] 3/19/09
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Written about Monday 2008-09-08
Written: (5202 days ago)


Feeling lost, Feeling blue,
I just don't know what to do.
My head is spinning,
My heart is aching,
My eyes fill with tears,
But they won't fall.
Loneliness fills me,
Heartache chills me,
My sorrow's to deep,
No light can reach me.
I search and search,
But whats the use,
Her smile I'll never see no more.
Away she's gone,
She's out of reach,
Lost forever, deep in my dreams
I try so hard, but whats the use
Her steps are echoes that I once knew
Lost forever in my solitude.

{Dedicated to you Mom, I miss you}

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Written about Monday 2008-09-08
Written: (5202 days ago)


Life it drags me down,
My thoughts they are askew,
Sad feelings filter through my veins,
Like cold water splashing in the rain.
I stumble forth and fall,
My load I can not carry anymore
Sad is all I know,
Like the sands of time it flows.
My face is buried deep,
My pillow is all wet,
I cry myself to sleep,
Still no one can hear my plee
Somebody rescue me.
Sad is all I know
Its not a friend to me,
Taking root deep in my soul
Still it lingers on,
Clinging like a rotting weed,
It just won't let me go.
Sad I am today,
My heart oh how it aches
I wish that I could sleep
Forever and a day
Till all the sad is gone
And I can smile once more
Until that day is here
Into my pillow my tears I will shed

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Written about Monday 2008-09-08
Written: (5202 days ago)

To All My Friends

When your down and feeling blue,
When your tears fall down your face,
When you think that no one cares,
Know that I will always be there.

When you wear a smile upon your face,
When you run without a care,
When the world is going right,
Know that your life it shines real bright.

When the stars fall from the sky,
When the sun no longer shines,
When the oceans vast run dry,
Know that love will never die.

Life is a journey we all must take,
Where we'll end up, who's to say,
So my friends remember everyday,
To give thanks for all we shared,
All the happy, all the sad,
All the laughter, all the pain,
For its made us who we are today,
Friends until the time we all must part,
But I'll see you again one day,
Then we'll dance the nights away.

I dedicate this poem to all of my friends

Love You Guys
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Written about Wednesday 2008-03-05
Written: (5389 days ago)

If you agree that copyright term on sound recordings should not be extended past 50 years, please, sign this petition today:


I personally have a very hard time to see the use of giving these thieves more than 10 years of copyright. No new music is going to be produced just because we keep sending truckloads of money to Abba. That's just stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

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Written about Saturday 2008-03-01
Written: (5392 days ago)

Because I Love

You ask why, and I reply.
Because I love you, but I can't be with you.
Because I love you, I know that it will never be.
Because I love you, You are a good soul you see.
Because I love you, I've broken your heart it bleeds.
Because I love you, I don't ever want to leave.
Because I love you, I'm dying ever day you see.
Because I love you, This great burden I must carry on my own
Because I love you, For my sin is loving you.
Because I love you, In my next life I dream of you.
Because I love you, It's the only dream I dream.
Because I love you, When my life is done I'll wait.
Because I love you, I will search until you come.
Because You love me, Holding hands as one we will walk.
Because You love me, The smiles upon our face,
Will tell a story that's so great,
Of two lovers who fell from grace,
Of a love that could not be,
That now has a chance to breath.
Second chances are always free.

Written by: [Morningstar Rising] 3-1-2008

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Written about Monday 2007-12-24
Written: (5461 days ago)

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Written about Tuesday 2007-09-18
Written: (5557 days ago)
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Friends, what are they really. I thought I knew a friend who turned on me cause he did not like what I had to say. I thought that I could say anything to him, and that we would argue about it, and then move on. But I was wrong, that did not happen. Instead a friendship was lost, a voice that meant a lot is gone now from my life. I cried about it, I won't lie. I cried cause it hurt and cause I really cared about this friend. I cared about him like family, boy what a fool I was.  Friends come and friends go, Guess thats the story of my life.

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Written about Tuesday 2007-04-10
Written: (5718 days ago)


I dreamt of you last night
I stood in a crowded airport
The silence was so loud
Your back it was turned to me
Yet I knew you without a doubt
I reached out and touched you
My hands and voice they trembled
As I whispered your name
You turned to me, you smiled
My heart it leaped with joy
Into your arms I fell
Your lips devoured mine
Your kiss was deep, was hungry
Full of passion running wild
My tears they flowed freely
My heart was filled with glee
For in your arms was I
At long last I was with you
If only for that night
In dreams you're always with me
We love, we laugh, we dance
Our night is filled with passion
Our love it shines real bright
In dreams I'll always love you
Until the morning light.

Dedicated to Aijin, who has inspired me more then he will ever know.

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Written about Monday 2007-04-02
Written: (5727 days ago)


My inspiration is gone, it grew wings-it took flight
It flows on the wind, far away from my sight
Empty inside......... My words they are gone
They drifted away on the wind one late night
I search and I search...........
But they are nowhere to be found
They play hide-n-seek, behind all the gray clouds
My muse has vanished, evaporating like smoke
Drifting endlessly up, far away from my soul
I search and I search.........
But the words they don't come
They elude me each time, hiding far from my sight
My inspiration is gone, it floats on the wind
Far away to a land, that my mind cannot gleem
My muse has vanished, far from my sight
It grew wings... It took flight....
Now I'm empty inside

Written on 3-30-07

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Written about Tuesday 2007-02-27
Written: (5761 days ago)


I spend my life in pain
Afraid to say my name
Like thunder roaring loud
Silence binds me down
The weight upon my chest
Crashes me to the ground
I try to rise in vain
My legs they let me down
I lay back on the ground
My eyes casted to the sky
I pray for help to come
But no one hears my silent cries
My tears they roll down free
As my life seeps out of me
The world it grows so dark
And yet a light I see
I wonder where I'm bound
If God still loves me so
If the gates of heaven will open
For one as weak as I
My life is full of regrets
Of things unsaid and done
Of yesterdays that are gone
Of tomorrows that will never come
Today is almost done
And with it is my life
Darkness fills my eyes
No more sunrises will I see
I wonder if God still loves me
If the gates of heaven will open
For one as weak as I
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Written about Sunday 2006-12-31
Written: (5818 days ago)

Today is a sad day for me, it is the first year that I will spend without my mom, she passed away last New Year's Eve.
I can celebrate the passing of the old year into the new year, but it will never be the same for me.
I will always recall the found memories I have of mom.
Every New Year's Eve she had to have 12 grapes and we all had to have them cause it was tradition.
She use to say, 'One grape, sweet and ripe, picked from the earth, to give you life. One grape for every month of the New Year to fill you with sweetness and full of cheer.'

Her name was Josepha Sanchez, she was the light that held my family together.
Since she has been gone, the family that she so loved has drifted far apart.
For her I shead the tears that I do not normally shead for others when they pass.
She bore nine children into this world.
Married when she was only 13 (a child herself), to a man 10 years her senior.
There marriage lasted a life time, he was the love of her life.
After his death, Mom was never the same.
Though she went on with her life from day to day, she missed him more then life itself
If she could have died when dad did, Mom would have, but she out lived him by 11 years and died at the same age as he did, 71.

Mom I really miss you very much. The long conversations we use to have on the telephone.
The late night calls when you could not sleep and needed just to hear one of your childrens voice
The chinese dinners that you loved so much, even though I did not care for chinese food that much.
The spanish concerts that you use to drag us to, even though we protested that it was not our type of music, we still had a great time
Your laughter and the smile that use to light up your face and make your dark brown eyes glow with life.
The bingo nights that you so loved to go to, even though you hardly ever won.
I miss you Mom, more then I can put into words.
More then I ever thought that I would.

My heart cries for my loss and leaps with joy because I had you in my life.
I look at your picture and smile, remembering the good and the bad times we shared.
I hope to see you again one day Mom, but not to soon cause I still have a lot of living to do.

I hope that you are happy were ever you are.
I love you Mom, now and always, from here to the end of time.
Till we meet again Mom, know that you were loved,
that you are still loved and that you will live forever in my heart.
Hugs and Kisses Mom, and a pinch or two here and there. LOL

Love Always YOur Daughter

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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-19
Written: (5831 days ago)


Sisters, what rivalry there is
Festering from childhood through out the years
It's funny how that came to be
To many tales to tell you see
A bond of trust there is no more
Broken by the many lies one told
A bad word here, a hushed up lie
The hurt to deep cuts like a knife

Sisters, they'll never speak again
One took and took, the other gave
It hurts like hell to learn the truth
Of hate so raw it cannot hide
Blinded are her eyes no more
She's seen the light, how sad she feels
Her love was true all through the years

Sisters, their lives have taken seperate paths
The needs, the wants, that we all have
To share true love is joy untold
When blood feuds blood the tears they flow
The price is great, so much is lost
Each and every passing day

Written by [Morningstar Rising]

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Written about Friday 2006-12-15
Written: (5835 days ago)

Wrote a second poem for the Christmas Poetry Competition on Elftown.


Come one, come all to Snowville Land
We welcome you with open arms
Snowville is the place to be
To run, to play all through the day
Come watch a snow storm, build a snowman or two
Watch them come to life just to play with you
Have a snowball fight that you never lose

Come one, come all to Snowville Land
Where we welcome you all through the night
Make snowangels that will last for days
Take a raindeer drive on an open sled
Sing some songs of joy with your family and friends
Watch the snowpeople dance trying to catch snowflakes
Watch them melt in your in your hands as they turn to rain

Come one, come all to Snowville Land
All are welcomed here all through out the year
Where the snow never stops and the snowpeople laugh
Where there are songs to be sung and loads of fun to be had
Where a blanket of white covers all the land
Where the snowpeople wait for your magical touch
To come to life each day and each night

Welcome my friends to Snowville Land
Where we greet you all with pure delight.
As we dance in the snow all through out the night.
Singing songs of merry, making lasting friends
As we drink hot chocolate by the fireplace
Have the time of your life that you'll never forget
Here in Snowville Land with your family and friends.

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Written about Sunday 2006-12-10
Written: (5839 days ago)


In my dreams we meet every night
Secret lovers hiding from prying eyes
Stealing forbidden kisses till the morning light
I wake alone, smiling everyday
Counting the seconds till I'm in your arms again

Secret lovers that's what we've become
Meeting every Wednesday at noon for lunch
In dark lit corners hidden from curious minds
Your deep dark eyes, your skin of bronze
You smell so good all of the time

Secret lovers thats what we are
Your arms so strong they hold me tight
The world slips away when I'm with you
We chat, we laugh, the world is new
If only just for an hour that day in time

Secret lovers thats what we were
The world fades back, our hour is done
Our time is short, but be both know
Our love must never, ever see the light
We must let go, our love must die
To many lifes our love will shatter
To many broken hearts for me, for you

Secret lovers thats all we can ever be
I have new goals, I've changed my name
I've left my job, I've packed my bags
To start my life a new, I've moved far away
I hope things work, I wish you well
Forever in my dreams secret lover will you live
Its the only place that's safe you see

Secret lovers that's the only thing we were meant to be
Our journeys done, our lives move on
Headed towards different paths that take us far apart
Our memories stored for our golden years
When we are old we'll smile as we recall
Secret lovers thats what we once were, once upon a time long ago
Secret lover in your arms every night in my dreams forever I lay
Our love lives on still to this day, every night in my dreams I wait.

Written 12-10-06

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Written about Thursday 2006-12-07
Written: (5843 days ago)

I wrote this poem for the Christmas Poetry Competition on Elftown.


The weather turns cool as summer turns to fall
A full moon passes bringing winter at its heels
The days grow short as the nights grow long
The clouds grow gray with the promise of rain
The land grows cold bringing forth the first snowflakes
The streets turn white as the storm passes by
Tiny stars glisten bright on the snow covered ground
Snowflakes melt breathing their last breath of life
There mission is done the snowflakes one by one
Become part of the whole to create this christmas wonderland

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Written about Monday 2006-10-16
Written: (5894 days ago)


Her life is sad, but nobody sees
Its not what it was meant to be
She got married, had a child plus two
A cat, a dog and a gray bunny too
Her sadness overwhelms her
She doesn't know what to do
The road stands before her divided in two
The left path will take her
To a life that is new
The right path swings back
To the place that she knew
Her burden is great
Her soul is to heavy
Her mind it is clouded
She doesn't know what to do
For her husband there is no love
Their time has come and gone
Its her children that keep her rooted
To the place that she once knew
Still her life is filled with sadness
Even when the day is done
And her dreams of happy endings
Their time has come and gone.

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-15
Written: (5896 days ago)

My Brothers Bed

[A Halloween Story]

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Written about Wednesday 2006-09-13
Written: (5927 days ago)


Carefree as a lark was he
Devoted to his country and his family
Yes ma'am, no sir, polite as can be
A credit to his country is he
He volunteered for war
To keep his country safe
He left the home he knew
His family and his friends
The comfort of his bed
To sleep in distant lands
He tried to keep the peace
In a land where he is hated
But tall and proud he stood
A credit to his country
He came home with scar's
Unseen by human eyes
He's shed a tear or two
For those he left behind
He tosses and turns
He has sleepless nights
The memories of war
Crowd his helpless mind
Carefree as a lark was he
Devoted to his country and family
A credit to his country is he.

Written for my brother-in-law Lucas Ortiz

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