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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

Signs from Nature
The sun sets with a magnificent burst of color…red, pink, indigo, and blue…
I sit and watch it creep beyond the horizon as two swans swim with their baby,
Nudging it along to bed while staying close besides each other…cooing softly.
The sweet perfume of flowers floats upon a soft breeze, a reminder of times past.
Birds chirp to their mates as the fish jump out of the water upwards to heaven,
And I hear myself sigh with happiness…nature speaks if you listen closely.
I walk towards my home and I see a chrysalis hanging from a leaf and I stop,
Thinking of the young butterfly soon to emerge from within the hardened shell.
I continue on my walk past the rose bushes coming into blooms of red and white,
Breathing deep the sweet yet peppery spice of each one while my eyes close.
I hear and understand what nature speaks of…she is telling me just to love life,
For there is nothing else to do but enjoy every minute spent upon this earth.
-Lyon Armonial
June Sixth, two-thousand six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

The old lover leaves…
Betrayal. deception.
A curse word lingers…
Sadness. Anger.
Sitting in the dark…
Pain. Loneliness.
The lover returns…
Rage. Tears.
The heart splits…
Depression. Grief.
The lover leaves again…
Calmness. Twilight.
The silence of night…
Solemn. Forgiving.
A new lover appears…
Doubting. Scared.
The heart heals…
Affection. Trust.
The love blossoms…
Joy. Hope.
-Lyon Armonial
June fourth, Two-thousand six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

The Guardian’s Love
The love of a guardian is like that of a parent
Both protecting and caring…wiping tears as they fall.
Within their eyes a silent understanding is appearent,
Saying volumes while still silent as a wall.
They hold the one they protect within wings of love,
Soothing the person with true speaking heart-felt words.
Sometimes solemn, but at other giving a playful shove,
Whispering their secrets like a sweet tune of a bird.
But if the one they protect is harmed, they will defend,
Drawing out a sword and delivering a lethal blow,
Be it upon a mortal enemy or a once loved friend,
They swoop down and swarm them like a jet- black crow.
But for the most, they are loving, nurturing creatures,
Always there when they are needed, able to understand,
Standing tall as if they are a walking monumental feature,
A companion and a teacher always there to lend a hand.
-Lyon Armonial
June fourth, two-thousand and six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

Man has strayed from his true path; the race was the protector and guardian of Earth,
Love every being was the saying…but now he spills poison and destruction everywhere.
The animals that he once befriended now run from him in fear of their lives from birth,
And few even notice the pain the earth cries from, let alone even have a single care.
Forests are torn apart piece by piece by the so-called guardians while the animals die,
The rivers run with blood as he hunts not for food, but for the joy of killing a being.
His statues and monuments melt away within an acid as mother Earth loudly cries,
And his cities parish beneath the power of her anger…yet they still notice nothing!
Most call it a coincidence or freak disaster, but listen and you will hear her shout,
She screams at man to stop, yet he proceeds to kill, destroy, ravage, and mock her.
He continues with his evil and she sees only one way to cut him and his poison out,
So she destroys him, piece by piece as he did with her, the Earth shall live forever.
-Lyon Armonial
June sixth, two-thousand six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

A Love Never Forgotten
Within the past we loved each other dearly…looking to the other as more then friends,
We stared into each other’s eyes with a hidden understanding, an unseen bond.
We swore to the other that we would still remain close, even if things ever did end,
What ever it took, no matter how far we had to do, being friends we were far beyond.
The winds of time have tried to chill us to the bones, but the flame still carries on,
Never did we forget the vow we made, we remain more then friends, we are companions,
Lovers and confidants to only the other…remaining true to each other within.
We have fought the winds of time and we have won…long live the love’s champions!
-Lyon Armonial
June sixth, two-thousand six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

A summer tempest

The hairs on the back of my neck rise as the storm laughs upon the horizon.
A flash of lightning dives into the ground as I watch the weather changing,
And I stand there, silently absorbing the beauty of this storm charging on.
I feel the pounding of the thunder sounding like drums as it comes raging in.
The beast races towards me with flickering eyes as I just sand and wait,
Letting it draw closer as I watch It’s every move, roar and boom of power.
It draws in closer, tempting to kill me, and I let it take the unknown bait,
It does not know me for I will not ever run from it and I will never cower.
Suddenly it pounds on me with an ice cold rain, stinging my eyes and my face,
The storm shouts to me as I stand defiantly pushing against the wind and rain,
And I just stare into it’s own eyes, looking tempest in the soul. I hold my place.
A blast of wind strikes at me, but I just shout back if that is what it calls pain.
He roars once more in defeat as the wind slows and the rain turns to mist…
The tempest moves one to the next person…always remaining annoyingly pissed.
-Lyon Armonial
June fifth, two-thousand six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

A friend is a person who will always be there for you,
Someone who cares how you feel and will have a shoulder to lend.
A friend will wipe away your tears and give you a new view,
A kind heart who, when you get depressed, will reach out their hand.
But when the times are not as bad they are also the ones who laugh,
The ones who share the joys of life with and can always make you smile.
They enjoy the fun you have, and remember it in times of strife,
They are people who poke fun at you while playing around all the while.
A friend is someone who is with you in good times and bad,
A close companion who remembers all the times you have had.
-Lyon Armonial
June fifth, two-thousand six

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

Within the Demon’s Grasp
Within the demons ‘s grasp I squirm and wiggle,
But it holds me fast, carrying me into my own darkness.
It wishes for me to fall into all of the negative feelings I hold,
But I fight with all of my being, screaming to it “NO”.
It drops me down within my own rage, and I feel my own heat…
I feel the anger I have misdirected onto those I have cared for,
And a tear rolls down my face as it evaporates from my anger.
Suddenly the demon swoops down and digs its claws into me,
I bleed as it carries me on to my next pain, onwards into sadness.
Again I drop down, but not into heat, but into the frigid cold,
There I see all my loved ones only now they speak differently…
Their words no longer soothing, but filled with a certain venom,
A rush of hurtful words. All of the things said now pound back,
No longer are they locked away and it is not just one tear that falls,
But a river of them as I bear a burden that was never mine to hold.
I feel my legs get weak and the demon sweeps me to my next stop.
I plummet down into my last and worst destination…that of my guilt.
I slowly pick myself up as I hear the cries of my loved ones,
Those who I believe I have failed…I watch as my worst fears awaken,
I watch as my family and friends are beaten, while I stay glued in place.
My eyes burn with tears as they are lied to, manipulated and abused,
Yet I did nothing. I drop to my knees and cry….sobbing ,
Choking on my own tears as they mix with blood from my bitten tongue.
The demon swoops towards me like an eagle and I suddenly rise to my feet,
It draws in close and I release a roar that was unknown to me…I scream,
“NO MORE” I shout at it...my voice still hoarse from my tears.
I reach out my arms and grab it…pulling it to the ground with a crash,
It charges towards me as I dodge and grab it’s wing…shredding it to bits.
DO IS HOPE THEY FORGIVE ME” I scream as I thrash at it…beating,
Pounding into its flesh. It falls to the ground and I lunge at it,
Breaking off a bone in it’s wing. I look at it…covered in blood, and then
I plunge it into the demon’s chest. “You no longer control me” I whispered,
Crouching down by it’s ear as it gasped for breath. I turn and walk away…
Through my pain and into my new life as I sigh in relief and wipe my sweat.
I alone can control my fears.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

Apr 18 2005 12:39PM
I'm not the only one
that lies awake at night;
I'm not the only one
who cries inside.
I know I can escape this
if I try,
I know I will be free,
the day I die.
I know the day is mine,
and I am at last free,
so now I open my soul
so you can see.
Sometimes I lie in darkness
(so cold),
my skin it withers away
(I'm so old).
But then I see the light,
and I am free again.
Free from all this pain,
this suffering.
I know I’m not one of you,
alone I see this pain,
see it grow in your hearts,
I scream in vain.
Why can't it all fall apart?
Why must we live this way?
Why must we hide from the light,
hide from every day?
I see the answers now,
I know it my heart.
Why we can't see the sun,
we've stayed apart.
We know that they fear us,
although we mean no harm,
they fear us all now,
because our charm.
They fear what they don't know,
and so it says that way.
We still shall hide from the light;
we'll hide from every day.
-Lyon Armonial

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)
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Soon to be

The blood of lovers, intertwined,
A perfect home the fates divined.
A loving heart and caring eyes,
Is why my love is no surprise.
You held me up when I was down
You saved my life when I had drowned.
Your kindness, unconditional,
Your beauty, unforgettable.
I hope you feel within my heart
Our love will grow and never part.
When you are lonely, look to the moon
Remember that I will see you soon.
-Lyon Armonial
March fifth, two-thousand seven

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

Carmina Burana visual

The pounding drums of war, destroying all in their path, creating the tombs of lost ages. Blood flows freely upon the ground here with rotting bodies strewn around. The black clouds of corruption burst forth explosive lightning as a warrior’s sword falls through the heat of battle like the inferno of a volcanic hell. Storms gather overhead and freeze all for everyone to see within an eternal winter. A scream of torture forever rings through the silent air in this land of horrors. A cold, depressing despair has now fallen over the most unnatural natural disaster, man.
-Lyon Armonial

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)
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Of Darkness, Of Light
Oct 1 2004 11:26AM
Of Darkness, Of Light
The shadow walker sits in the darkness, waiting to be found.
He waits in the silence, a tear falls from his eyes, his feet are bound.
He watches them as they steadily walk on by,
They fail to notice him as he sits and starts to cry.
He waits in the silence all night long,
Until a beautiful girl came along.
She helped him up as his tears fell like rain,
She helped him to rid himself of that pain.
He was indebted to this person he now calls his wife,
But on the night she saved him, she was off to take her own life.
They both saved each other on that dark, dreary night,
And now they sit in their love’s true light.
- Lyon Armonial

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

I Can See it in Your Eyes

I can see it in your eyes
That you love the way I feel.
I can see it in your eyes
That you love this pain I deal.
I can see it in your eyes
That you love when I’m not near you
I can see it in your eyes
That you hate all I can do
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your eyes…..

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

Mr. Nonchalant

Mr. nonchalant,
You sit in perfect poses
With an amused smirk
Spread across your face.
Eyebrows raised,
Framing your laughing eyes
Blazing blue
Like you were expecting me
To walk in exactly when I did.
Mr. Omniscient,
All knowing of my innermost thoughts
And feelings,
My deepest desires and darkest secrets
that I’ve never shared with anyone else.
Able to read me like a book.
Mr. Strong and stubborn,
Never wearing your heart on your sleeve,
Unable to admit you’re wrong,
Refusing to ask for help
Even when you need it the most.
Mr. savior,
You do so many things for the
Ones you love,
And ask nothing in return.
You protect me from my insecurities,
My rock that supports me
Through dark times
And when I need it most.
But beneath the nonchalant, strong, and
Stubborn exterior is a wonderful man.
A man who is caring and loving: who
Knows how to say he’s wrong (sometimes),
And who has taught me to forgive, laugh,
And see all the beauty in even the most
Plain and ordinary things.
A man who knows that sometimes even
He needs saving.
-Maria Jenkins
(dedicated to me)

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (5639 days ago)

The Rain

You don’t know me
You don’t know my anger
You don’t know my pain
You don’t know my sorrow
You don’t know me.

Don’t you see the rain pouring down, it pours down on my head.
Don’t you see? My eyes will drown as I lay in my bed!
Don’t you know the sky’s darkening; it comes now to the end.
I thought that you were helping! I thought you were my friend!!
All of that doesn’t matter now, as this storm begins to brew.
For only the cold rain truly knows how to make my heart anew.
The rain flows down into me, through the doorways called my eyes.
They have given up so much before, and now they claim their prize.
As I sit out here all alone, I see lightning trail the skies.
Take a good look at me; you might see lightning in my eyes.
-Lyon Armonial

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Written about Friday 2007-03-16
Written: (5743 days ago)
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i'll draw a pretty picture,
i'll draw it with a twist...
i'll draw it with a razorblade,
i'll draw it on my wrist.
as i draw this picture
a fountain will appear...
with this fountain all my
troubles slowly disappear.

i like this poem...suits my mood right now

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