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Written about Tuesday 2012-08-07
Written: (3654 days ago)

I swear to tell the truth, The whole truth, And nothing but the truth.

I'm in pain I hurt so much that often feel like cutting so I can replace it with another but all I would do is see the blood and be oblivious to its pain.

The right one is out there they all say but it appears as though he is not.

Mean while the pain holds me so tight in its grasp stealing my sleep night after night as my choices haunt me.

I feel safe in shames arms lost in a never ending pile of lies that just keep stacking up.

I hear the cry's of hatred gathering outside the door of my broken heart sometimes their so loud I Can't even hear myself think.

And I can feel the anger that burns like a raging fire with in my eyes.

I feel so lost and alone these days and still I tell everyone that I'm just fine.

But.....I'm not.

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Written about Saturday 2011-06-11
Written: (4078 days ago)

Crying and bleeding inside. I cant see the way out. I'm lost in the past tying to move on, wanting, longing to find love again. When It finds me again will I be strong.Will I embrace it or will I hide too afraid to let it in once more. And if I don't embrace it will it still want me or will it give up and leave in the darkness that I am trapped in now. Or will it hold on tight and not let go. Will it be strong enough to lead me out of the darkness and into the light.Will it be able to heal my scars and stop the blood from flowing and the tears from falling.Will it save me and stay forever true.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-02-14
Written: (5655 days ago)

In some point in are life we willt
A Flowers time to think back on its life
Take my advice willt quickly and bloom a new
Do not dwell on the past for it can not be changed whats done is done
It is now the time in your life to move on and no longer dwell on the things you can not fix
Let go of your problems and reamember your mastakes and learn from them and try not to repeat them and live life again


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Written about Friday 2006-11-24
Written: (5738 days ago)

I touch the fire and it freezes me
I look into it and it's black
Why can't I feel?
My skin should crack and peel
I want the fire back

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Written about Monday 2006-10-30
Written: (5762 days ago)

I went to the doctors this morning and now I got to have to tests done to me tomarrow a blood test ~I Hate Neddeles~
and a orltrasound ~God Be On My Side They Fine Nothing Wrong~ Im scared though everytime they do test they fine somthing wrong and just this once I prey they fine nothing wrong....*crys silently*

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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-18
Written: (5774 days ago)

There are two standing on a tolam both leaning over the edge of there sides holding on to one anothers hand if they were to let go they would fall not to there death but in love with one another
Bolth hold on afraide they might hurt the other and afraide of being hurt themselfs
When one is sliping the other holds tight
But what happens when they both start to slip
The answer ..........

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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-18
Written: (5774 days ago)

Love, how do you know someone realy means it I lost the one who loved me or said he did to a dark force
He knew I loved him and would do anything for him and I even gave him my heart and he asked me for my hand in marrige and still he whent down this path once more over to the dark side even though he knew it would hurt me and probaly be the end of our realtionship but he did it any way so now he is gone
Knowing that it would hurt me and cut me so deep he did it anyway so now I ask myself did he realy love me he the one who said I will never hurt you took a knife and plunged it into my heart and thought nothing of it so when I told him it was over when he made his chose and he didnt try very hard to win me back he just stabed me and left me bleeding
Now I know he never loved me at all you dont do somthing like this to the ones you love he was trying to get rid of me he didnt love me..
So now I wander how do you know if you are loved truly loved

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-08
Written: (5785 days ago)

What to say when nothing is right in the world we live in..
when the word love is tosed around like a sain like the words hi and bye dose the word love mean what it ment so long ago ....
I love you
will you marrie me
Be together till death do us part and even be there together after...
Dose love mean this anymore?

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Written about Friday 2006-07-21
Written: (5864 days ago)


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Written about Thursday 2006-06-15
Written: (5899 days ago)

To anyone who likes/loves Young JC
I sugest you dont he is a lier
A man whore
A tramp
And no matter what dont trust him
He is all lies and as many girls
Oh and if he tells you he's a virgin <IT'S A F**K** LIE>
Dont belive me youll find out sooner or latter

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