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Written about Monday 2006-12-11
Written: (6127 days ago)

Wow it's been such a long time since I've written in this bloody thing and so much has happened.
I'm now a mom and having a baby is probably the most interesting experience anyone can have, but you should def. do it when you've actually got someone to help you out cause, when you are up late at night and the thing is screaming, it helps to roll over and pass him off to someone else.

Oh how its goign to be hellish when my little one grows up, he def. is not going to be like half of the kids these days... msot of them are whores (it's not their fault... parents are lazy and ignorant) and half of them want to die...

I really hope things shape up in about 13 years...

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Written about Tuesday 2005-09-20
Written: (6574 days ago)


I hate being looked at, what is everyones problem anyways? Is my nose to big that it's blocking out the sun or what?
AM I too skinny? Am I too pretty? What?

And I seriouisly hate being looked UP and Down by girls... as if they could ever look like me anyways. Grow up, who cares.
So my stomach is flatter, my hair is blonder... what's it to you?
If your admiring me cause I'm good to look at that's fine, but don't stick your nose up at me cause your jealous.
That's immature.
Argh... and don't scoff at what I wear, your not wearing it so it doesn't concern you!

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Written about Monday 2005-09-19
Written: (6575 days ago)
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What the fuck is EMO and what is wrong with kids these dayz?
Why do fourteen year old boys walk around wearing make-up and tight pants and tap around canes? Are we blind, we must be since you didn't look in the mirror today.

Sometimes music goes too far. There is a fine line between fan and idiot...
Music is music, it is created by the musician not YOU!
He sells it to make money, if your so dumb you have to convert yourself into a mini me of your Favorite artisit, I think you need to visit a doctor so he can tap into your head.
Kids need people to tell them to be themselves, to like what they like, not based on what thier friends are doing.
And girls. DO NOT SHAVE OFF YOUR EYEBROWS! You'll regeret it later...
I'm done...

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Written about Monday 2005-09-12
Written: (6582 days ago)

I'm the new mother of a half siamease kitten, Zara. She's a brat... but you can't help but love her.

Malta has a wittle sister. YAY!


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Written about Wednesday 2005-09-07
Written: (6587 days ago)

I am apparently the hottest girl in a metal concert... how and why I dunno but I am so hot some girl had to take a picture of me. I'm like a tourist attraction.

"Hey look at the tall hot, skinny blonde in the mini skirt! Let's take a picture of her!"

That was a first for me, I've never been asked to have a picture taken of myself before. But I did look pretty good in the photos... I hope she's happy.


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Written about Monday 2005-09-05
Written: (6589 days ago)

I finally got my bartending/waitress job, I start it in a few weeks as soon as we find a replacement for me in the cafe. I'm excited and somewhat scared. I dunno if I will be good at it. I am not that great with mathamatics in my head, I think i'll just have to carry around a mini calcuator, oh well, Men don't care, just as long as I'm serving them drinks and I'm cute. right?
Okie..ROCKIN! Back to cleanign I go!


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Written about Monday 2005-08-22
Written: (6604 days ago)
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God! My mother should have allowed me to eat mcdonalds and such fast foods as a kid... my tits would be bigger!! I can't believe it these dayz, girls get more curvier (and in a godo healthy looking way) than they were when I was a kid.
My boyfriend said that it was most likely the steroids in the meat that kids eat now taht causes girls to get plumper and more curvier as they mature early.
I totally believe that. Damn you mom for not letting me eat steroid filled beef!
It took me 21 years to get to where I got, and that isn't much of anywhere. Oh how sad.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-08-17
Written: (6608 days ago)
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I'm an auntie, I'm so exicted. She's so perfect. I'm in love.... oh love...

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Written about Wednesday 2005-07-20
Written: (6637 days ago)

Peeve of the day,

Ahem.... Why is when self proclaimed: 'bi' sexual chicks start kissing they like... glomp on to each other and the first thing you see is a tounge being shoved down the other's throat?
How is that even appealing?
I mean I've kissed girls before... we never just went for the tounge. It's sloppy and unexperienced. Yeah a little tongue is nice but for it to be the first thing in each other's mouth? It is sooo sloppy.
Blah, girls need to know how to kiss girls. If they jsut want to get attention sucking on each others faces doesn't really help.... hmmm...

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Written about Sunday 2005-07-17
Written: (6639 days ago)

Mmmm, I think I'm gettnig over my obession with being too skinny... for now. I'm odd I know that, fucking really odd.
My hubby comes home on weekends, I thought I couldnt' live without him for the two months he is away... weekend visits help sooooo much.

I dyed my hair again, now it's blonder, it looks good. YAY i'm so hot! One day it'll go back to being it's natural black... YAY!

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-16
Written: (6641 days ago)
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Being this skinny,well be it a very FAST metablolizim, it's not healthy. I mean there is this girl at work, I tought she was like TEN times skinner than me, so I was all like. Pffft, what a skinny girl, and then she joined this modeling thing at teh bar and had to wear a bikini. FUCK I swear that was my body up there.(Myboobsarebiger! MWHAHA!) How terribly horrible! A nice hip bone sticking out here, one there, a little spine to go with that! How is that attractive? It's not... not at all! I need therapy!
I'm going to get saggy boobs if I keep this up. Fuck.
Hmmm what to do. I'm drinking vitamin shakes, I think if I drink them alot and eat meals I will be able to put some lbs on... not too much, just enough to fill this ol' rickety frame out.
Is loosing ten lbs really serious does one think? I mean I lost it in a month... ten lbs a month? hmmm... less than a month actually but roughly a month.
Five lbs is fine, but ten!? I still wear the pants I wore when I was 14.... nothign has changed. I am going to be bitching when I get fat too, so no worries. :D
Bitch bitch bitch...
I'll figure this out! If I start loosing anymore it's off to the ol' doctor for me! YIPPIE!
Hello doctor I'm too skinny can you help me?

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Written about Friday 2005-07-15
Written: (6641 days ago)
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Girls should not wish to have the problem I have, I guess most do, it's just the oppisite of what inflicts them.
Holy shit I am so fucking skinny and I'm not even aneroxic or bulimic, I have no solution for my problem and it's starting to really irke me!
Okay I'm a 21 year old woman who is like fucking 5 eight! I should not be 105 lbs!
I was kind of happy when I gained 10 lbs a month ago, I felt somewhat normal... at first I wasn't sure I could handle it but then I was like, this is nice.
I lost it, lost it all! I look horrible! What's wrong with me?
I eat, I drink, I sleep, I don't consume lots of alchol or do drugs, so what the hell is my body's problem!

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Written about Thursday 2005-07-07
Written: (6649 days ago)

I have peeves with people and I'm going to list them!!!
1. Why would you voice to the world your intentions and looks, with dumb names like:
Suicidal girl
Hottie Chicky
Horny Boy
Dick WADD?

2. Everyone knows your lying about your age, sex and breast size. (Do not do this in the real world you will get number 3.)

3. That's okay cause you dont' want to get kidnaped and killed.

4. Don't fish for compliments, it's fucking Pathetic!

5.Don't say you drew something you didn't. If you have no talent in that department, live with it.

6. Girls, PLEASE STOP SAYING you CYBER with anyone and you were in playboy. 1st of all your 14 years old!!!! 14!!!!!

7. Men who write to say: Your hot, let's cyber give me your MSN... FUCK YOU LOOSER!

8.It's good to voice opinions

9. Do not voice your sexual pref. with your name, ie; Bigirlwholikegirl
We know you are a boy who can't get a chick who is pretending to be a chick to get a chick... OKAY!?

10. I know everything


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Written about Wednesday 2005-07-06
Written: (6651 days ago)

I hate being alone. My biggest most harshest fear is upon me. Fuck I only have a few more months... right?

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Written about Tuesday 2005-07-05
Written: (6652 days ago)

When you are with someone for a long time, it's hard to part with them for a long time aswell.
I'm experiencing this first hand.

It hurts to be so far away from someone you know will be there for you everynight. I think this has to be the most torn I have been in a long while. I don't think I can handle it.

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Written about Saturday 2005-06-11
Written: (6675 days ago)

I wish I didn't have to work anymore, or set foot in public. I rather hate it I think.
I feel so minute and boring standing in a room full of men and women who are all done up for the day, or dressed down.

I don't like the public eye, I always think they are judging me, specially the female's. Oh look at her, what is she thinking, why is she so skinny.... I never think anyone is thinking good things about me. Ever. I don't know why. Anywhoo, I want to sit at home and live away my life there. Why can't I?

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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-24
Written: (6693 days ago)

I'm such a bore. There isn't anything for me to do around here but work. I got a new job, I start it today actually, I'm slightly excited yet not so, cause well... Now i have to work again. I like not working. Or I just have to find something I'm going to enjoy going to.

Cafe's are cool, I make coffee, sandwhiches, make sure everyone is happy and fed. I hate making food but it's pretty easy... and I get tipped. No fucking gas station nobody fucking tipped me before! I am not cute for no reason you know!

I am still wondering if people are actually reading this.
Did you hear the latest on Paris? She makes her own money and doesn't take anything from her parents? FUCK YOU BITCH, like hell. We know full well where the money for your blue contacts, bleach and hair extentions are coming from... mommy. Sure you pay for the little things, but fuck... someone has got to feed those pups of yours. We sure as hell know you aren't.
And oh my fucking god, she's in love witha shipping tycoon named Paris. How fucked up is that? She want's his baby? Did anyone tell her what happens when you have babies?
And she actually told someone taht she is soooooo beautiful that she doesn't need to alter anything. *blink* *blink* Um alter... talk about alter. You wear blue contacts to ALTER the color of your rather pretty brown eyes, and you bleach your brown hair. I have nother wrong wtih taht cause that's normal in society, but fuck don't say your sooooo beautiful squinty eyes that you don't need surgery. I have a suggestion. Fix your god damn nose. You lookl ikea greyhound.... honestly. Fix that and talk to me about beautiful. Besides you'll never be beautiful with a complex such as you have. Didn't your parents teach you to be humble. Sure it's nice to love yourself but to be so internally obessed is not healthy. God she's fuckinga g uy named PARIS!...

My rant is over, I actually do like her... honest.

Now how a convo about work to paris happened, I dunnoo. ROCK ON LIL PEOPLE!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-17
Written: (6700 days ago)

Sometimes i really, really hate people. I have this guy at my work, who is a regular and is obessed with me. I mean seriously, mentally obessed.
It was fine at first, nice to be flattered and all but now it's just getting creepy and uncomfortable. For all you men out there, who 'like' a girl, do not pursue it constantly and crazily.

This guy was nice and we had lots to talk about but he knew I was happily engaged to someone. But still he pursued, he only comes to the store to see me and it's getting annoying.

I'm too nice and trusting to just tell the guy to 'FUCK OFF'. He was nice and I thought I could be nice too, you know.
He offered to take me home cause I didn't havea ride and I said, sure... but then I was thinking. What if the guy kidnaps me or something? He had previously taken me home before.... and he's a fireman and he's not really outspoken or anything.
Anyways, he came back adn I blew him off. Saying my boyfriend was coming finally and thank you however for the suggestion.
Anywhoo... the guy I work with is totally making me feel bad. Saying that I was wrong to blow him off. Fuck you! I'm in love with someone and I don't have any responsiblity to accept or keep anythig from another human being.
Fuckign retard.
Anyhooo... How the hell does one blow off a grown man (he's in his late 30's) without fucking making him weird on me? What if he flips?
Anywhoo, this is dumb. I've already blew off ten guys who were obessed, this one I just can't shake!

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Written about Sunday 2005-05-15
Written: (6703 days ago)

Ack my hair is finally takign it's dying toll. Broken off strands. Oh now sad, now I have short pieces here and there. Oh well, it never seems to stop me. *sigh*

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Written about Monday 2005-05-09
Written: (6708 days ago)

I shouldn't be allowed to walk around in public, Honestly, this is really, really ridcilious. Now I'm not saying the attention isn't amusing, or flattering but still, it's as if none of you males have seen a pretty girl before. Honestly I'm not THAT great that you have to stop in the middle of traffic to yell, "HI" to me or honk your horn.
I just got back from the grocery store... huge slayer sweater, Ugg boots, blue jeans tucked in and what do you know... I get jumped 'not JUMPED but you get the idea' by some guy.
"What are you doing?"
"UH going home... Bye..."
This is just insane! I am not even dressed to kill and you have to follow me just to see what I'm doing tonight. I'm going home to make supper for my husband... DUH.
The new girl at work can't even understand why I have all these FANS.
I'm going to have to start a club. 5 dollars to view me, 10 dolalrs for an autograph... 20 to talk to me. It's crazy! I would be rich!

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Written about Monday 2005-05-02
Written: (6715 days ago)

I've been researching breast augmentation, for all you out there... boob jobs. I've come across so many sites, promoting it to sites debasing it to sites aiding the individual's choice in the matter.
I found people who adored them (mostly dancers who get thier cash shaking thier double d's, and older women who've had chidlren.) and people who wished they hadn't, due to complications, and dispointments.
I found that I came to accept what I'm carrying more. I am in no way no-less of a beautiful girl, with these things, then I was if they were gigantic. You just need to feel comfortable in what you've got. Besides most men just enjoy a good boob.
And mine aren't going to sag down to my knees due to the weight. How exciting for me.
Big boobs are great, but so are little ones. Boobs are great, all and all.

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