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Written about Saturday 2005-06-25
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All right, I've decided to describe two of the most horrible moments of my life.

One was a couple of years ago. I was on my way to drama therapy together with my mum. We were just driving past the dentist. There was a cycling path next to the street. My mum pointed at the street the dentist had his place. On that moment I saw it happen. A truck that was driving on the same road as us, but in opposite direction. It was going into the road the dentist was in but apparently didnt see the cyclist on the cycling path. The truck drove into the cyclist. I can barely bear to recall the image I have of this moment. The cyclist being little more than a pitiful lifeless something in the middle of the road with the truck behind it. Later I heard the woman that had been cycling on the cycling path had indeed died. I wasn't surprised.

The other moment was march this year. It was a time when I was starting to be depressed, but the event in march made me even more sad. That day in march (I think the 11th) my uncle Martijn died. It was very unexpected. All that was the matter with him was that he had been a bit ill that time. They say he has died from a heart attack. That says nothing to me. He will never be here again. He will never randomly drop in for coffee and he will never be there with christmas again. It must have been especially horrible for my granny. She's lost her husband to cancer already and now she was the one to find his body lying in his apartment, dead.

It's hard to tell all this, but it's important to me

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