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Written about Sunday 2005-01-30
Written: (7114 days ago)

and the shit splatters on....

Yup as you can tell Im in another woefully filled pissed off mood lately. My ex is saying Im a unfit parent because I have a mental illness thats a low blow even for her. Now that were splitting I do feel a little better. Im starting to find myself again in this crazy fog I have been in for the last 3 months. Again Im starting to find Pan's joys in life. The few friends I have left that weathered this with me are the ones I value most now. And suprisingly one I thought was my enemy turned out to be my savior.
You know who you are but I owe you a lot even if I wont admit it to you. I do care about you a lot still and yes in some ways Im jelious but thats the past. Now I have put my sword away and become the hermit once more. It seems this world has no place left for me so I may just drift into the shadows of what was and dissapear for a while.

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Written about Sunday 2005-01-16
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  ok its official all women are spitefull,hate filled,gold digging tramps. The reason I say this is simple my now ex-fiancee who happens to be pregnant with my baby at the moment is continualy riding my ass. I went out last night with a friend of mine for one friggin beer to relax and get away so we both didnt stress out and what happens. I come home to get a can of ass chewing unleashed on me. So you know what screw them all I am over it.
  As of now I want nothing to do with women as a group entirely. I personaly think all you women are here for 2 reasons 1. to take mens money and 2. to continualy anoy the ever living hell out of us just to kill us slowly. So prove me wrong women of cyber space if you can and if not just stay the hell out of my way because this old dawg just got off the chain and hes ready to bite!

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