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Written about Sunday 2005-02-13
Written: (6868 days ago)

Well my laser tag scores are in.^^ W00t, I only kept my second games scores though, they threw out my first. Keep in mind that i haven't played Laser Tag for six years.^^
We lost, but that was because we only had four competant players, and we were the smallest team, and a whole lotta other things. X.X

Overal score: 5,995
Bases taken out:
(So I completed half my mission.^^U)

# of hitsI took:

#of hits I gave:
Red 25

Overall rank:
21 out of 37(moved up five places from the first game^^)

Rank on Blue Team:
4 out of 13

Not too bad for the first time in six years. Also I rocked DDR there, but eventually the crowd got so big that I got nervous and lost, and people kept tapping the first players pad(I was player two). I thank Jrock and Jpop.^^

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Written about Saturday 2005-01-08
Written: (6904 days ago)

DMK:*has been huggled to the point of passing out*
Wheee! wuv! I wuv, wuv!!>>That's for all you people that accuse me of being a gothy girl! Wuv, wuv!

I wanna do an art trade now.^^ *grabs a pencil and sits expectantly*

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Written about Sunday 2004-11-07
Written: (6966 days ago)

*dances around*
La de da...My life sucks.

Dobe do...

I'm in my unhappy place...

*turns into a pounting watery-eyed Chibi with a 'love me' look on*

Huggle me!

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Written about Monday 2004-10-25
Written: (6979 days ago)

I am exporting this thing...so I should write in it. But what should I write...will people even bother reading it? Ah well who cares. Maybe I'll start writing a story for it...Yeah. But what should I write...

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who put all his money in a bucket
He had a daughter named Nan
Who ran away with a man
and as for the bucket Nan-tuck-it

No I didn't write, no I have no desire to write like that, I would rather write like...
Once upon a midnight dreary
while I ponder weak and weary
Suddenly there came a rappin'

Ohayo! Konnichi wa! Konban wa! Gokigen Ikaga? Watashi no Namae Dark Mousy desu. Watashi wa Juusan desu.^^ Dano, tenshi nanka janai. Arigatougozaimasu.^^

(Translation: Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! How are you? My name is Dark Mousy. I am 13. And I am not an angel. Thank you very much.^^)

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Written about Wednesday 2004-10-13
Written: (6990 days ago)

La de de de Sing a morbid song...^^

So this is my dairy...what should I write. Umm, I'm a person...even though I may claim I'm not human...but I am...I think...possibly...yeah...

Dark has spoken!!!

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