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Written about Friday 2017-02-17
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Hello, My name is Chelsea. I joined this site many, many, many moons ago. I laughed, I loved, I cried, I hated. Elfpack holds many memories of many friends. 99% of whom I haven't seen or spoken to in years. I deleted every entry prior to this, because in the end they never really mattered. Reading through them all as I deleted them reminded me of my many memories here. Some good, some not so good. I started on Elfpack at the young age of 12 thanks to some friends I met on pogo suggesting it to me. I sit here now almost 24 and I think to myself wow, time really does fly. Of course back then it didn't seem to, time seemed to flow so slowly. I have made a few attempts to reach the friends I once loved more than anything and now I no longer know. I still want to reach out to those friends. I want to reconnect and chat like before. Sadly I seem to have fallen out of those fun roleplaying days, never needed to so it just stopped.

To my friends. If you want to reconnect and talk more often seeing as Elfpack seems to have died, just send me a message here I will respond ASAP. I know most of my friends on here no longer get on, but the few that do...please.

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