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Written about Friday 2008-08-01
Written: (5600 days ago)

Maaaaaagh. I don't spam my diary enough anymore. So here we go, some spam.

If you fit these criteria, get your ass over here immediately, i must marry you.

The Perfect Guy: The Joker. Oh that wasn't one of the questions... Sorry, please continue.
[Hair Color:] I'm not really bothered... I like long black curly hair <3
[Eye Colour:] Green is sex, but blue eyes on dark haired guys is gorgeous.
[Height:] Tall. I've only been out with one guy under 6 foot tall in my life XD
[Six Pack:] Eeeeh... A little bit of one, but not obscene.
[Long or Short Hair:] Depends on the colour. Blonde, it would have to be kinda emo but not over the top, brown or black it would be long and curly, some obscene colour like blue or pink, J-ROCK SPIKEY MENTAL HAIR!!!! O_O
[Glasses or contacts:] Depends. Myv looks hot in glasses, some guys don't...
[Piercings:] A few, but not too many.
[Scars: ] Yummmm, battle scars <3 <3 a couple is very sexy, but not like half their face burnt off o.O that's creepy XD
[Buff or Skinny:] Thin but toned.
[Funny or Serious:] Funny!! They have to put up with me XD
[Party or Stay at home:] Whichever i want to do at the time XD
[Should he know how to cook:] Yes, i suppose. Although if we were living together, I would be cooking XD
[Should he have a best friend:] Uuuh... Yeah o.O
[Should he have a lot of girl friends:] Why not? Wouldn't bother me to be honest...
[Outgoing or Shy:] Either.. shy guys can be so cute.. But i prefer outgoing guys as a rule, as im the loudest most over-confident creature on the planet XD
[Sarcastic or Sincere:] Both are good. Depends on the circumstances i suppose...
[Should he watch chick flicks:] He's welcome too, but he can't expect me to watch them with him XD i hate chick flicks..
[Would he smoke:] I don't mind either way.
[Would he drink:] Yesh of course :p but not alcoholic-ish... Just enough to have fun XD
[Would he swear:] I think everyone does really...
[Would he play with your hair:] No, he'd leave it the feck alone!
[One or more girls at a time:] One
[Bad Boy or Good Boy:] Bad boy :p Good boys bore me to death...
[Would he kiss you on the first date:] Yeeeeeeah, 'course. People are such prudes these days... Helllooo, we're 8 years into the new millenium, get with the times people XD
[Where would you go to dinner:] KFC. A guy who takes me to KFC is perfect in my opinion.
[Would he bring you flowers:] Yuck no. I absolutely can't stand flowers.
[Would he lay under the stars with you:] Depends how cold it is.. We're in britain for gods sake, im not lying outside in the freaking rain for the sake of being romantic.. bollocks to that, id rather be playing computer games XD
[Would he write poetry about you:] No. No he wouldn't. If he did, i'd eat it.
[Would he call you hunny or baby:] Neither, omg they drive me crazy!! He called me either of those and i would rip out his eyes and his testicles and swap them round.
[Would he hang out with your friends:] Yeah
[Would you hang out with his friends:] Yeah
[Would he walk you to the door at the end of the date:] No, he'd get attacked by my parents, it's safer not to XD
[Would he hold your hand:] Well if he really wanted too, but he doesn't know where it's been :p
[Would he play sports:] I don't give a toss.. I'd rather he played video games though XD they take less effort *nods*
[Would he sing:] Yessss, i love being sung too, as long as they can sing well o.O
[Would he play an instrument:] What does this have to do with the perfect guy?? "OMG, you can't play the bassoon, i can't possibly go out with you now!" Fucking hell... That's taking shallow to a whole new level...
[Would he keep his room clean:] No XD
[Would he paint, draw or sculpt:] An artistic boyfriend would be nice..
[Would he write his own music:] If he really wants too..
[Would he use the word "dude":] If he wants too.. as long as its not excessivly.. that gets annoying..
[Would he use the word "tight'':] No, bloody hell, no. Fecking chav word..
[Would he watch the sunrise or sunset with you:] Sunrise - Very little chance i'll be awake. Sunset - We don't have those in wales. We just have 'sun disappear behind grey clouds'
[What kind of car would he drive:] Ooooh, if he was the perfect guy he would have a Bugatti Veyron or a Lamborghini. And he would drive me everywhere.
[How old would he be:] Definately older than me, preferably by a couple of years. 27 is the oldest i'd go.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-07-16
Written: (5617 days ago)


EP has done the same as ET and committed visual suicide... CHANGE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. I liked the old EP O__O ...Although, the updates on here don't seem too bad, probably just because i'm very slowly getting used to the ones on ET which are pretty much the same thing... But i still don't like them. Change without 4 months notice is bad, as far as i'm concerned XP

That is all.


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Written about Friday 2008-05-09
Written: (5685 days ago)
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I have to click things about 5 million times before the bastard works.

I shall start a 'Beki really needs a new mouse' fund.

Any donors?? XD


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Written about Wednesday 2008-04-30
Written: (5693 days ago)

Been talking about scarification with Amz... I'm thinking of getting a Y-cut so it looks like i've had an autopsy :p a bit more interesting than a tattoo or piercing, no? Probably hurt like a bitch and you have to irritate it with salt and lemon to stop it protruding from the skin and looking weird. But it'll look sooooo cool when it's finished XD


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Written about Sunday 2008-04-13
Written: (5711 days ago)

I hate my name.

Really, Beki is so crap. Beki. Becky. Becci. Beky. However you spell it it's still shit.

I like Alice <3 Alice is an awesome name, it's always been one of my favourites. Alice, Rose, Axel and Thorne are my 4 favourite names ever. I liked the name Axel before Kingdom Hearts too, incase you think i'm going after Mc.Flurry's name. No. Just no. I discovered the name Axel in year 7 German class actually, as it happens to be a German name. Yes.

But i'm thinking of legally changing my name to Alice before i go to uni. Then i can have a REAL fresh start, as a whole new person.

My cousin changed her name from Claire to Jade, so why can't i change mine from Beki to Alice? Way to confuse my whole family XD


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Written about Friday 2008-04-11
Written: (5712 days ago)

My family = LOL

Dad: Fucking bastard cat bastard thing!!
Me: What's he done?
Dad: He's been out in the rain, he's all wet and he just jumped up into my face.
Me: LOL. I'll dry him.
Dad: Yeah, dry him with a bloody hammer... *grumbling*
Me: *XD*

I know where i get it from XD XD

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Written about Tuesday 2008-04-08
Written: (5715 days ago)
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Changed my name guys! Old one reminded me of old times that i'd rather forget, so i thought i'd lose it.

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (5718 days ago)
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*cough* The below diary entry sounds like the ravings of a mad man. And in fact, the only difference between me and a mad man is that i'm not mad. Or a man. So i'm not very much like a mad man at all.

Ahem. Anyway. I still haven't found my precious pen, so all art has ground to a halt until i find it. Actually, that's a complete lie as i do 90% of my sketches with a pencil as i don't much care for doing them digitally. However due to the fact that i was in the middle of a meme, which is the one thing i do with my tablet, as far as i'm concerned all art has ground to a halt.


So, i'm now going to tear this room apart in search of the vile little thing. If i don't find it, i'm going to cry.

That is all.


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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (5718 days ago)

I'm currently in a state of extreme hysteria and sadosity.

I can't find my tablet pen. This is extremely distressing. Fook.

In fact, this is the end of the world for me. WHERE HAS IT GONE?!?! It's not in it's stand... SOMEONE'S KIDNAPPED IT!! Or pen-napped.. Or whatever... But the point is that it's gone and i don't know HOW i can survive without it. I NEED IT. I'm in the middle of a meme for crying out loud, i need to finish it because it's crack! CRACK I TELL YOU!!!

Good gravy i'm going to die a slow and pitiful death if i don't find that pen.


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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (5718 days ago)

I am currently rolling my mouse over Ryuk from Death Note.

Awwww yeeeeeeeeah.

I got the mouse mat. I'm just that cool.


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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (5718 days ago)
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I didn't go to bed last night XD got hooked on FF8 and ended up sitting up till 5am. It's now 11:40am and i only just got up. I'm so freaking tired it's unreal, i'll be going to bed at a reasonable time tonight so i'm not exhausted when i go back to school.

Anyway. I had two really bizarre dreams last night o.O one of which woke me up because it was freaky as hell, and the other i just found odd because it was about school, cake and bumble bees... You get the idea... I have weird dreams XD Something that always makes me laugh is that if i ever dream about myself in a normal every day situation (like school or going down the pub) i'm almost always wearing my trilby XD no idea why...

Soooooooo... I've got quite alot to do today, aside from trying to wake myself up, so i probably won't be on all that much. On and off i suppose, cuz i'll be doing most of my work in here (here being my computer room). Yes. So. That's all i had to say really...

Apart from. WTF at Elftown D: it's not allowed to be down in the easter holidays when i spend most of my time on there! Plus one of my forums is down so no RPing! Depressed much! XD

That is all.


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Written about Saturday 2008-04-05
Written: (5719 days ago)

ARJRESPIRFHESGTSGT O____O ...I swear i just had a minor heart attack. CLIFFHANGER WTF!!!! >.< *hates Kishi* GAH!

In other news i'm excruciatingly tired. Me and Amz have been doing this sleep deprovation thing, and i have never been so exhausted in my life. I also keep seeing red lights out of the corner of my eye, which probably isn't a good thing.

I can't type either, it's taking about 15 attempts to write each word... Bah...

ET is still not working ¬____¬ anyone on here from ET and EP know why?? Cuz i'm at a loss...

I really, REALLY need to get some sleep. This is my third sleepless night and it's too much for me now >____< I used to be able to do this without a problem, couple of summers ago when i'd sit up for days on end playing RS none stop, only pausing for breath when i needed to eat or something like that. Then i'd finally collapse from exhaustion when i couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, sleep for a couple of days, and then be straight back on RS when i'd regained some wakefulness. Pitiful really. But i just can't seem to stay awake now, i'm exhausted, i'm seeing things, and my eyes feel like they're twice their normal size.

Plus it's going to take me about 4 years to get over this =______=

So i think i'm off to bed for an 'early' night (1:45am, early?)

That is all.


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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (5719 days ago)

ELFTOWN IS GONE!!! *depressed*

XD XD XD in other news, i'm happy as a sack of spuds on spud day!! Erm... Yeah >.> ...Had a long chat with Carl, then an even longer chat with Rachie-roo, then an even LONGER chat with my mum, AND I FEEL LIKE I HAVE REFORMED MYSELF!!!

In other news i'm happy, and i'm totally in love with Carl's overprotective-ancient-sage-type-person side XD XD That's just what he sounded like to me when he was giving me advice. I was like 'How old are you? 20 or 200??' XD XD aww man i love my friends <3 <3 <3

So yeah, Beki is back bitchez, and she's fooking alliterating her diary entries!!!

And talking in third person!!!

Oh dear!!!

That is all.


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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (5719 days ago)
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Oooooh, Squeenix contest on DA... Might have to enter that, after all, they did make Kingdom Hearts, bringer of ridiculously senseless crack pairings. And everyone loves those. FTW.

Haven't slept yet. My eyes feel awfully big o.O Sleep deprovation thing going well, if you like feeling like a corpse.

That is all.


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Written about Friday 2008-04-04
Written: (5720 days ago)
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Anyone reading this, i don't care who you are, i need your help. I'm a horror movie junkie. I love to be scared, but i'm running out of decent movies. Everything i've watched recently has been shite, nothing scares me and it's no fun. Reccomend a good horror movie for me. If it reaches 8 or above on my scare-scale, i will love you forever. That is all.

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