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Written about Sunday 2009-01-04
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Hey Everyone.!

Wow, this holiday has been my best holiday so far. Couple things I'd like to share with you. Got my marks back, had straight B's with a couple A's so I can get into the varsity of my choice, whooo.! This destination called Arniston where we staying is amazing, there is surfing, bodyboarding, sandboarding everything you can think of.! I've taken lots of pictures and am eager to upload them when I get back. I get back 2days after my eighteen birthday on the 9th, 11th is the day I get home. Super keen :P

Hope you are all well and I will get to your messages when I am back on a computer or I cant say all I want to say to all of you on my cellphone :)

Hugs all around! byeee :)
Happy new year btw

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