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Written about Friday 2011-06-10
Written: (4080 days ago)

I asked God a question last night between tear before I fell a sleep. The answer came this afternoon while doing chores. It wasn't meant to be if it was you be with him now. No I have another in mind for you. 

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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-16
Written: (5686 days ago)

In time we who are less fortunate will see time stop and the tables shall turn and we shall be happy once more...A message to those who are less fortunate from me one who stands on my own

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Written about Friday 2007-01-05
Written: (5697 days ago)

My heart seeks what it can not fine
Yet my heart aches for what it seeks

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Written about Thursday 2007-01-04
Written: (5698 days ago)

I woke up from a dream this morning.

I was sitting there on the couch with this little girl and we were watching a preview to the movie The Garden.
As we watched it she asked "Is that what it was like for you in the Air force Mommy" and then I answered "No Amanda sweaty it was different for mommy" and then she cuddled up to me and said "I love you Mommy" and I said "I love you too sweaty"
And then the preview of the movie ended

And then my alarm clock went off... And I laid there just thinking and went over every thing that I saw...
It look like form the dream that I went off to the Air force but was only in it for two perhaps four years cause I looked older then I am now... I was wearing a ring and Amanda look just like me except one thing ....She had your eyes...

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