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Written about Sunday 2009-06-21
Written: (3933 days ago)

Laaaaaammmmmeeee :]
Okay, I'm soooooo bored as hell.
Mhm, but i'm taken
but an amazing fucking guy
uuuuggghhh, he's just a fucking sweetheart :)
He's just amazing<3

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Written about Monday 2009-03-30
Written: (4017 days ago)

Hello, My name is Cassie. I'm bisexual, ^___________^
The best girl i have ever has is [☆♫♥Mrs.Pitbull 74♫♥☆] April :B
My first girlfriend was a beautiful girl named Lizi.
She needs one of these so i can show her off.

I'm not one of your typical girls.
I am not a slut.
I'm not a natural blonde.
I make blonde jokes because people make black jokes.
I find some funny, but not a lot of them
Yeah yea yea, i am taken, shut up.
I cyber :]
i flirt.
i talk shit.

who doesnt?
i love rap, haha, cause i'm a bamf.
i hate people who think there "tough shit"
Come by my house and we will see who really is tough shit.
i sing, a lot. I sick at it too.
I DO NOT dance.
no no no no no!
i will send you picure if i feel like it.
Bu thats only if i get them back in return :b
BUt to keep things fair, you want one of me, your sending me shit first.
I'm an honeslt person, and fuck you if you think otherwise.
I'm not here to please people, i please myself and if i like the others then you too.
I might come off as a bitch, but thats only cause you made me act like one.
I ask for cell phone numbers, want mine?
Message me. :D
i think that i'm going to go to bed, and stop writting in this because it's becoming to be more pointless everysecond
and to you assholes who yell at me for not doing things right on this site.
Blow me. I juist startted this account.

I'm fucking outtie.
<321 -BOOOOM

APRIL!! ;[love or lust] YOUR HOT!!!! ;D
Come meet me in my bed again...
Well, yours. ;ROFFFLL
great night

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