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Written about Saturday 2008-03-29
Written: (4216 days ago)

T O W N.
Nobagob eyy.

Yeah.. good crack today. Ross came in... for the first time everrrr. I realise now just who my real friends are. I realise now just who I prefer to be around. Atm.. I know some right backstabbers.. It's nice to get away from that for afew hours.

Also, today I spoke to people I don't usually talk to. So that was a good thing. Nice to meet new people.

Work tomorrow.. Should be fun =/


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Written about Sunday 2008-03-23
Written: (4222 days ago)

Hmm.. yet again I've done nothing.
I am waiting to go to work at 6, and I have just ate pizza and chips for my tea.. so I feel incredibly fat.

My brother's friend has just gone home. He plays the bass guitar so we were jamming.. My brother on the drums.. his friend on bass and me on guitar x]
Oh how we sucked.

Its Easter sunday today! & Yet I still have not ate chocolate since January 1st! You should all be proud xD


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