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Written about Thursday 2009-11-05
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My life has been a number of ups and downs...kinda like a roller coaster but here i am today standing strong not letting and ignorant things, people and what they say get to me. I have live a life of horror and lost part of the family that i once cherished and held close to me heart. And no matter how hard i had tried to make those things right i learned in the end that those mistakes and events were never my fault but laid out as traps from the ones i loved in order for me to fall into...well no longer will i stand for this anymore...i am an adult now and i choose to do right....i will not beat and batter, verbally and mentally abuse my future children nor will i do wrong to my one true love....i will be strong, intelligent and always speak the truth...for my rewards shall be greater than i can imagine and behold. And to those that already follow this path i shall follow as well and believe that i can do what i takes to be a good person in my time that i spend here.

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