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Written about Friday 2010-06-18
Written: (4732 days ago)

ughh how the hell do u delete cool points im tired of seein old points. time for new ones lol

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Written about Wednesday 2010-04-07
Written: (4804 days ago)

well everyone... last night i wasa on my way to hooters to go hang out with my friends and on glades road a woman slammed on her breaks when there were no cars in front of her so i slammed on mine and i was about 3 to 5 feet behind her i didnt hit her but girls behind me were goin 40mph and i heard there tires screech and the rammed into the back of my car and pushed me into the woman in front of me. flippin out i got out the car and then the girls did to found out the girl drivin was only 16 from north carolina and had a passenger with her drivin her dads car. i was shocked not noing wat to think for a good hour and a half nothing happened to the outside of my car but alot of shit happened to the exhaust transmission the engine key and the breaks. GREAT!! but i got all there insurance info and i got away free of nothing just have to take the car to some place have everything fixed and then they pay.. i was flippin out the whole time... just think i dont wanna drive for awhile... lol

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Written about Wednesday 2009-09-02
Written: (5021 days ago)


got a wiki of some pictures of me

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