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Written about Saturday 2006-06-10
Written: (5008 days ago)

I Can Feel You

I can feel you
under my skin
taking over me
holding me within

a scratch too light to mark
but heavy enough to feel
you've found my attention
thats all you can steal

please don't hold me down
don't force yourself on me
please end this nightmare
just set me free

this is too much suffering
so much you took
shatter every every mirror
i cannot bare to look

this swells beneath my flesh
choking, short of breath
what you did to me
was way worse than death

i sleep now with locked doors
tearstains on my face
shattered worhtless reflection
because i only reflect disgrace
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Written about Saturday 2006-06-10
Written: (5008 days ago)

one can only dream.
while can only die
maybe an illusion.
or just a waste of time

it starts in a cradle
on a journy to your grave
the experience is determined
by mostly how we behave.

some are so wise
careful yet carefree
making it last longer
and the more they'll see

most are just pathetic
they skim across the top
unaware of what goes on
can suddenly make life stop

then there is the case
where these two might meet
idiocy over common sense
just can't be beat

its just rolling the dice
who stay, who will go
the question is too risky
for anyone to know

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Written about Monday 2006-06-05
Written: (5013 days ago)

as if you dont feel good enough. why cant i be beautiful? i try and try but it fails everytime, and i fall. nothing will work. no one likes the sight of it. nothing can hide it. But Ana. Ana can cure it. But she Left me, she keeps leaving me. She tries to help, but shes not whispering loud enough. Just trim me down, so i'm pure beautiful. thats all i want to be. not just a pretty face. not just a nice girl. i cant stand it being there, and i wish i could just melt it all off. and i could be perfect, pure and perfect...

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Written about Sunday 2006-06-04
Written: (5014 days ago)

These Veins Are Prettier Opened
The Life That FLows From Within.
Leaving Me Faint.
Leaving Me Hysterical With Tears.

See This Wrist that Cries Tears For You
See This Blade That Marks Your Hate
This Is the Product of My Fate
This Is What You Reaped

[this is unfinished. i'll finish it later.]

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Written about Sunday 2006-06-04
Written: (5014 days ago)

break me into little pieces.
until i am nothing
then when they remember me
they can say i was beautiful dead.

if you die young
then you stay pretty
just dust particles
so no one can see

then the flesh rots
and yet your still so beautiful
just bones
brand new bones

i want to be buried with you
so i can be looked at the same way
They're So Beautiful Dead
They're So Beautiful Dead

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