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Written about Saturday 2006-03-11
Written: (6704 days ago)

Whats punk,
Whats funk,
Rap?metal?and alternative rock!?
Fuck it I dont know
You tell me?

Whats shit,
Whats hot,
And how about tellin me whats fuckin not?
Fuck it I dont know
Ask God?

And who the fuck is Sonny Moore??
Fuck it I dont know
Ask the clones?

Gangstarr, goth,
And so called emo?
In with the fuckin' scene
And the tight fit jeans?
Alack hair,eyeliner and with lip piercings?

This songs a rant,
A chant,
And I hope it's an itch in your fuckin pants

I'm called
A punk?trendy?stoner?and sometimes a cunt??
And I like music,converse,skating & Guitar,
Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley & Che Guevara,
American Pie, pints of beer & marijuana
Football, films, playstation and what about fuckin SOUTH PARK!!

Categorize me cunt?

incomplete & needs tweaking lol
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