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Your booty got me lost like Nemo :)))


/ [Just Alex.]

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2011-12-06 [iquit.]: Dear Shmalex.

Stop Being So Damn Gorgeous.
Either Stop Being Gorgeous. Or Come Chill.

Much Love.

-Matt Matt

2012-02-29 [iquit.]: Me so cute? Have you seen YOU? I would ;)

2012-02-29 [Just Alex.]: Lol :)
Me not so cute.

2012-02-29 [iquit.]: You so is :)

2012-02-29 [Just Alex.]: Nopeee.

2012-02-29 [iquit.]: Hush you.

2012-02-29 [Just Alex.]: Blah Lol.

2012-02-29 [iquit.]: ...don't make me call you bub.

2012-02-29 [Just Alex.]: Matt. Do. Not. Do. That.

2012-02-29 [iquit.]: then don't blah me! :P


2012-02-29 [iquit.]: ......RAAAAAAAAAGE

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