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"Unreturned Love"

Although my love is real, deep, and very true,
I cannot seem to break down your wall to reach you.
Still reeling from the pain of a previous love gone bad,
The entrance to your heart is closed, leaving me so very sad.
This ache in my heart cuts just like a knife,
As I watch you struggle through your own strife.
Since you cannot strike against the cause of your grief,
Instead, I've become the one being used for your relief.
I'd gladly wipe away all your pain and your sorrow,
In hopes we could then be free to love through each tomorrow.
But here I am standing on the outside looking in,
Trying to make sense of a loss that should've been a win.
To describe how I feel, there are no words to say,
And would it really matter if I said them anyway?
I know you cannot see the pain you're causing me.
Your own inner turmoil holds you captive in pure agony.
So I'm left helpless to watch in dismay,
As you fight the demons day after day.
Love can only live in a heart that receives,
When given by a heart that in love, believes.

Written by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013-11-24

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I wrote this for a very close, personal friend who is feeling/going through this right now. There isn't much worse to have to endure
emotionally than falling in love with someone who, because of issues they're battling within themselves, don't return the love, and
even worse, will ultimately use the person in love with them as their personal "grief release". :'(

“Love given, but unreturned, leaves a heart badly burned.”
~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie



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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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