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2006-05-17 21:40:31
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i fort i'd put summit @ least cuz i av ppl moaning so here a gr8 nite to memba lol part from the fact laura almost killed herself drinkin!!!! lmao n kelly kept gettin her foot in tha way when lau wanted a photo!! hehe

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2006-05-13 [No Longer Used x]: hope ya didnt get too told off tom!! we are sorry lol!! ez and kez left lau she was bein horrible and she goes fuk off so we did and were at erins lol xx

2006-05-14 [gtfhnhu]: k

2006-05-14 [BABEZ.]: oh yeah lmao! x

2006-05-14 [gtfhnhu]: harrrriiiii im so xcitedddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!! lolz dnt let me run away thou agen lol xx

2006-05-14 [BABEZ.]: lol nah i wont!! il pin u dwn 2 the ground ;) lmao xx

2006-05-14 [gtfhnhu]: lmao :D xx

2006-05-16 [.. Left ..]: tom ur wiki page still unda constuction or w.e u wanna call it lmao its bin like weeks hehe xXx

2006-05-17 [BABEZ.]: yeah god tom!! lol x

2006-05-17 [gtfhnhu]: goddd!! xx

2006-05-17 [BABEZ.]: whooo 1 pic on here!! x

2006-05-18 [gtfhnhu]: lmao get chuffed!! xx harrrri!! me lovesss uuu lol random :S xx

2006-05-18 [BABEZ.]: lmao me loves u 2 bethhhhhhhhh x

2006-05-18 [gtfhnhu]: 4everrr and everrrr lol xx

2006-05-18 [BABEZ.]: 4everrrr andd alwayzzzz lol x

2006-05-19 [gtfhnhu]: alwayzzzzzz and 4 everrrrrrrrr lol :s xx

2006-06-16 [No Longer Used x]: tom wen r we double dating lmao !

2006-07-01 [xXx Loz Luvz U xXx]: ewww those picz r awful! ... x Lv Ya x ...

2006-07-01 [No Longer Used x]: lmao u look the worst lau !! u were out ur head lol!! x

2006-07-02 [BABEZ.]: lmao!!! x

2006-07-02 [No Longer Used x]: lol xx sz lau x

2006-07-03 [69xtomx69]: lmao yer bt was hilarious :P wtf is on ur cheek in tht 1 pic lau? u were so out of it it cud b anyfink!!! haha

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