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My life must be very
interesting for someone to
continually watch everything
I do and listen to everything
I have to say but yet he
feels the need to hide.

Background and collar, removed;
Fancy name plate: "Buddie" and framed.
Editing: Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013.
Original photo of "Buddie".
Photo by Rich Patt ©2013.
Nerium representative.

Columbia-Greene Community College Campus
Photo by Evah Jane F. Donnelly ©2005-07-01
Added Evah Jane's photo as background.
Editing: Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2013

I am an animal lover! I love cats, dogs, and my favorite being horses, but I love almost all creatures, great and small. I am not one that is afraid of spiders and snakes, mice or toads, or any others, with the exception of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, which I'm allergic to and I stay away from.
I like most foods, with only a few exceptions, such as mince meat pie and fruit cake. I drink very little alcoholic beverages, for two reasons. Most of it, I do not like the taste and I'm not into self-punishment. ...And I do not like having control of myself. Illegal drugs I won't even consider, period. Even prescription drugs I avoid as much as possible. I have more faith in proven holistic treatments and natural substances with their lack of side affects.
For the most part, I like people and I try to accept them the way they are. However, I do not like people that are only out for themselves with no regard for or what their self-seeking ambitions will do to another. I do not like people who enjoy putting others down to make themselves "appear" like they're better. I hate it when others assume to know me better than I know myself and will therefore, assume what I know, I'm thinking, I'm feeling, etc.. Nor do I like it when people brag and boast about themselves. Constant self horn tooters as far as I'm concerned, must be insecure individuals and need to convince themselves of their 'greatness'. The greatness of a person will radiate to those around them and interact with naturally without self initiation.
Movies/TV Shows:
Television: There isn't too much worth watching anymore, really, in my opinion. I like all of the CSI shows, NCIS, some news' programs and some old re-runs. Other than Extreme Makeover (homes) and Dancing with The Stars, I detest reality TV such as Survivor, The Bachelor, and so forth. Funniest videos I like. My favourite older TV shows were: Magnum P.I., Touched By An Angel, Hogan's Heroes, Mash, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Frasier, Star Trek, and countless others.
Movies: I am not the biggest movie person, but I liked War Of The Worlds, Forrest Gump, The Silence Of The Lambs, The Godfather, Dances With Wolves, Pretty Woman, and I like even older movies like The Sound Of Music. The Wizard Of Oz and The Ten Commandments I can't ever watch too many times. I like movies with animals, like Homeward Bound, for example, and movies that are wholesome and viewable by all ages I prefer. I DETEST pornography in ANY form. I do not enjoy watching violence. There's more than enough of it in the real world, thank you. Romantic movies with tastefully done love making scenes are okay.
Favourite Actresses:
<img:> ~ Angela Lansbury    
<img:> ~ Anne Baxter    
<img:> ~ Barbara Eden    
<img:> ~ Bette Midler    
<img:> ~ Betty White    
<img:> ~ Candice Bergen    
<img:> ~ Carol Burnett    
<img:> ~ Cloris Leachman    
<img:> ~ Della Reese    
<img:> ~ Donna Mills    
<img:> ~ Emily Procter    
<img:> ~ Emily VanCamp    
<img:> ~ Farrah Fawcett    
<img:> ~ Fran Drescher    
<img:> ~ Jaclyn Smith    
<img:> ~ Jane Seymour    
<img:> ~ Jane Wyman    
<img:> ~ Jean Smart    
<img:> ~ Jean Stapleton    
<img:> ~ Joan Collins    
<img:> ~ Jodie Foster    
<img:> ~ Judith Light    
<img:> ~ Judy Garland    
<img:> ~ Julia Louis-Dreyfus    
<img:> ~ Julia Roberts
<img:> ~ Julie Andrews
<img:> ~ Katherine Helmond
<img:> ~ Kerry Washington
<img:> ~ Kirstie Alley
<img:> ~ Linda Gray
<img:> ~ Loretta Swit
<img:> ~ Lucille Ball
<img:> ~ Lynda Carter
<img:> ~ Lynne Thigpen
<img:> ~ Marilu Henner
<img:> ~ Marion Ross
<img:> ~ Mary Tyler Moore
<img:> ~ Meryl Streep
<img:> ~ Nicollette Sheridan
<img:> ~ Pauley Perrette
<img:> ~ Roma Downey
<img:> ~ Sally Fields
<img:> ~ Susan Sullivan
<img:> ~ Suzanne Somers
<img:> ~ Valerie Bertinelli
<img:> ~ Valerie Harper
<img:> ~ Vicki Lawrence
<img:> ~ Whoopi Goldberg

Favourite Actors:
<img:> ~ Alan Alda
<img:> ~ Andy Griffith
<img:> ~ Anthony Hopkins
<img:> ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
<img:> ~ Bill Cosby
<img:> ~ Bob Crane
<img:> ~ Carroll O'Connor
<img:> ~ Charlton Heston
<img:> ~ Chuck Norris
<img:> ~ Clint Eastwood
<img:> ~ Craig T. Nelson
<img:> ~ Danny DeVito
<img:> ~ David Caruso
<img:> ~ David McCallum
<img:> ~ Dick Van Dyke
<img:> ~ Don Knotts
<img:> ~ George Clooney
<img:> ~ Harrison Ford
<img:> ~ Henry Winkler
<img:> ~ Jerry Seinfeld
<img:> ~ John Ritter
<img:> ~ John Wayne
<img:> ~ Kelsey Grammer
<img:> ~ Kevin Costner
<img:> ~ Kevin Sorbo
<img:> ~ Larry Hagman
<img:> ~ Lee Majors
<img:> ~ Leonard Nimoy
<img:> ~ Mark Harmon
<img:> ~ Marlon Brando
<img:> ~ Michael J. Fox
<img:> ~ Michael Landon
<img:> ~ Patrick Stewart
<img:> ~ Paul Newman
<img:> ~ Redd Foxx
<img:> ~ Ricardo Montalbán
<img:> ~ Richard Gere
<img:> ~ Robin Williams
<img:> ~ Scott Baio
<img:> ~ Tim Conway
<img:> ~ Tom Hanks
<img:> ~ Tom Selleck
<img:> ~ Tony Danza
<img:> ~ Tristan Rogers
<img:> ~ Werner Klemperer
<img:> ~ William Petersen
<img:> ~ William Shatner
<img:> ~ Yul Brynner

My favourite cartoon character:
- Garfield
My favourite broadway show(s):
- CATS (hands down!)
Music Preferences:
Although I love country music, particularly classic country, for I was raised on this genre, I also enjoy a wide range of music including jazz, light jazz, pop, rock, classical, folk, metal, and so on. I don't care for rap or music that has nothing to say, or consists of heavy banging on the instruments (noise) or screaming rather than singing (more noise). There is a difference! My favorite instruments are: pedal steele, violin, soprano saxophone, harmonica, and accordion, but this doesn't mean that I don't appreciate other instruments played well, too.
I enjoy so many singers and bands. I like Norah Jones and Céline Dion, but I also like Michael Jackson. I love Jim Reeves, with his velvety smooth voice. I like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Josh Groben, Michael Bolten, Jewel, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, George Jones, and Luciano Pavarotti. Kenny G. on his soprano sax, I never grow tired of his music. I like listening to a good orchestral sound, but I very much like music with a great beat like Disco and Techno. If I were too list all of the singers and bands that I like to listen to, the list would be extremely long.
Some favourite songs:
I love hymns: How Great Thou Art; The Old Rugged Cross; Precious Memories; In The Garden; What A Friend We Have In Jesus; I'll Fly Away; I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore; Amazing Grace; and many, many others. Other all-time favourite songs of mine are: Danny Boy; Memories; Go Rest High On That Mountain; Walk Through This World With Me; Amazed; Lady; No Charge; How Far Is Heaven; Old Shep; Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me?; and lots more. Christmas songs include: The Gift: The Christmas Shoes; The Little Drummer Boy; and most all of the traditional Christmas music. Patriotic songs include: God Bless America; America, The Beautiful; Stars And Stripes Forever; The Star-Spangled Banner; God Bless The U.S.A.; and also many more. Almost all of these songs listed, plus many more, I've memorised and play on my keyboards.


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Domain for my poetry, specifically.
Domain for my art, specifically.
Domain for my computer graphics art, specifically.
Domain for children specifically.
Domain for pets and animals specifically.
Domain to help people to learn safety and security online.
Domain for.. intended purpose has changed, see footnote.*
Domain for Twitter backgrounds; purpose will be expanded.

* - Originally purchased this domain to help promote but since of the profoundly bad treat-
ment I've received by the owner and members of the staff there, the intended purpose has changed.


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