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2006-01-26 03:37:24
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If you do not like pictures, then go away!

this is my puppy if you do anything to hurt me or him he will hurt you severly!

oh yeah i guess i have to welcome you!

this guy is funny. just watch him run. hes so stupid.

dumb kitty!

do not listen to the voices!

he'll beat you up anyday!

uhhh it's the other way dummie!

wut would you do with it?

hey its a conversation!

awww its so cute!

poor puppy!

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2006-01-24 [shellygriffith]: i like pictures

2006-05-29 [Master Of Duct Tape]: those are cool.

2006-05-29 [shellygriffith]: why thak you [Master Of Duct Tape]!! i put them on myself

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