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2010-02-01 20:34:18
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[your_bunnii 13












[Me and my lil brother =)]






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2009-06-24 [your_bunnii 13]: yay

2009-06-27 [powerless superman]: You look goreous in these pics, so flirty yet innocent

2009-07-15 [your_bunnii 13]: thx hunni =P

2009-07-23 [sexxy_Jake]: ayy boo boo you still look as gorgeous as ever love you =D

2009-07-23 [your_bunnii 13]: awwe your so sweet hun =P

2009-07-23 [your_bunnii 13]: so when you coming to visit i miss ya =)

2009-07-23 [sexxy_Jake]: idk i guess when i get a day off .... i miss you too boo boo ... gosh i hate working all the time lol so when you moving to houston for college

2009-07-23 [your_bunnii 13]: idk when i get the money i guess ..... hopfully soon im going through hell hun... but i have to be moved out by january so idk

2009-07-24 [sexxy_Jake]: i wish i could help you out babe but i been madd busy with school and work i have no time to do shit =(

2009-08-19 [underneath the stars]: you're really pretty. naturally pretty. not many people have that :)

2009-09-17 [your_bunnii 13]: awwe thx hunni

2009-11-02 [your_bunnii 13]: lol oh hunni

2009-12-07 [kyraawr]: you're absolutely beautiful (:
the darker hair colors look amazing on you.

2009-12-11 [your_bunnii 13]: thx hun

2009-12-14 [Tx.Skater420]: this gurl right here is my woman so back the fuck off

2009-12-18 [your_bunnii 13]: thats right baby im yours all yours no one can take that away =) I love you

2010-03-31 [gbtyuo]: damn gurl you are very sexy and ur man is lucky to have a gurl like you. if he looses you hes a dumbass. and i also like ur tatts there tight

2010-03-31 [gbtyuo]: i think the best pic and the hottest pic of you is the one in the pink bikini and ur eyeys are something else very mezmerising

2010-04-01 [your_bunnii 13]: awwwe thanks hunni =) and i dont have a man lol =P

2010-08-25 [CHACHA]: who's that pretty lady thats right on that picture, lol. lov ya chick

2010-08-27 [your_bunnii 13]: awwwe thanks

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