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Let's Roll(;


Let's Roll(;

/ [Just Alex.]

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2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Eyees.. I swear i fall in love with you again and again each time i see you.

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: GAH. I LOVE YOU. So fucking mucho grande :)

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: You really don't love me more than i love you though. Okay? Okay. End of :)

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: Lie. Wrong. Incorrect.

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: The above statement by me is fact, As approved by factchecker.mat

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: You made that up!

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: why would I make up a website?!

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: rlkgnpiofjopwjefmlkmflmdfnwknf

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Hehe it's a real website.. run by me.. proving facts i say about you are true :)

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: I think you're crazy.

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: You'll find on this website falsefacts.mat that what you just said is wrong :)

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: Okay, I am going to make an exception to my no hitting rule....

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Hahahaha, thought you would :P

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