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2007-04-09 12:07:10
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Cheese ham tuna sandwich

So you don't know if you want a cheese, a ham or a tuna sandwich? Why choose? Just add some cherry tomatoes from Senegal, and the master piece is done!

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/ [Hedda]

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2007-05-30 [Wendy]: Very cute and yummy pictures!

2007-07-09 [Amaranthine]: so when you put it together to eat as a the tomatoes squish together? How do you even close it lol?

2007-07-09 [Hedda]: Sorry, but "sandwich" might not be the right word. It looks like this when it's done. It's an open sandwich.

2007-11-16 [school yard hero.]: YUMM!

2008-03-05 [Box]: ew that's nastey. I hate tomamto's.

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