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Casey's house<3


Casey's house<3

/ [Just Alex.]

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2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Not now.. in like.. 2 hours :)

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: WOOO :)

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Yeeah you still have to put up with me :P

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: I'm glad.

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: I wouldn't be.. I deal with me everyday and i get bored of me haha

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: It's weird... because I get bored of people VERY EASILY.
But with you.. not so much :) We can literally talk about nothing and I'm content

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Haha just wait until you hear my voice for real.. and deal with me being quiet.. I get boring real quick.. haha xD

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: ...I willl go insane if youre quiet all the time...
I talk.. alot.

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Haha I talk don't worry. i'm just quieter than an average person. I'm more of a listener.. so you talk a lot.. i listen a lot :)

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: Well thats good. Cause I do talk alot.
But I can also listen!

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: We'll be perfect.

also, by not so much did you mean you don't get bored of me that much, or at all? :)

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: I meant at all. (: you would know if I got bored of you.

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Haha would you just stop talking to me? :P

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: Yes.
I would ignore you for a few days or something :p

But I could never do that.

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Haha well.. you can.. it's called the weekend :P

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: I mean intentionally. :p

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Haha you do do it intentionally.. you just pretend like you can't talk :P

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: Yeah. Thats what I do >.<

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: A CONFESSSION!!! :P

2012-03-01 [Just Alex.]: SARCASM!
That was no confession!

2012-03-01 [iquit.]: Haha i know, i'm kiddinng :)

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