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2007-01-11 15:33:30
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biggums family!

ma brother JD and my soon to be sister-in-law
ma cousin paul's tight ass new tat. i dont know y he got his damn nipples pierced though. lol
new years
ma weird mom
paul and his girl (dont know her name)! lol
uncle steve/Arthor. lol. he dont like being called uncle arthor though. lol
pauls tat that he did on his leg. he does all his tats himself!
aunt nancy
ma doberman/chow moose. that dogg will fuck u up!
ma baby shadow
sexii me
ma nigga from anotha motha. but his mom is like my second mom anyways! lol im always at they house eating some good ass catfish and chicken! and his sister cooks laous food. and its good as fuck!
ma nigga from anotha motha's brotha. lol. ma nigga donald. aka D-Money if referring to the restrict!
ma new tat
gangsta gangsta
ma nigga donald tryin to book somethin for us
ma cousin paul
jus alil competitive male vs female uno (New Years)
ma brother jared and ma other soon to be sister-in-law. love both of ma soon to be sister-in-laws. couldnt ask for better ones
jus chillin

/ [AJ_Biggums]

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2008-01-29 [-Steffyxxo;]: lol uber cute family!

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