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2006-08-04 18:06:09
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Week 1 Puzzle and Winners!

Name the Brands of the Automobiles given these clues.

1. earth wanderer Land Rover
2. ringed planet Saturn
3. endlessness Infiniti
4. convulsive weeping Saab (Sob)
5. diminutive Mini
6. Star Wars action figure Toyota (Toy-Yoda)
7. heavy metal Mercury
8. an emancipator that was famous Lincoln
9. evade Dodge
10. river wading place Ford
11. spotted cat Jaguar



[Eyes of the Reaper]
[mr lonely]


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2006-07-26 [Tear]: Hey, Sasha, you know the first one is not a make of the car. I was assuming you meant like a Geo Metro.

2006-07-26 [FireGypsy]: Land Rover is a make....

2006-07-26 [Tear]: Oiy, I was thinking of a jeep for some reason. Well, that would've been one wuestion wrong for me then, el oh el. I guess I didn't have them all.

2006-07-26 [FireGypsy]: haha el oh el!!!!

2006-07-26 [Hedda]: Can't you put the answers on a different page, so that people can have a guess first?

2006-07-26 [FireGypsy]: .... i just put the answer up, this puzzle is over lol!

2006-08-02 [psychosis]: ohh my god i would of never guessed half of these and i tried i got half

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