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2009-10-07 23:33:27
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A collection of my ([Hedda]'s) vodka bottles.

From the left:
Swedish Vodka: Absolut
Dutch Vodka: Bols
Swedish Vodka: Kron
Russian Vodka: Chas, Stolichnaya.
Estonian Vodka: Y2K-safe vodka (It was, lasted until May 2000...)
Latvian Vodka: LB
Lithuanian Vodka: Stumbras
Ukrainian Vodka: Hlibniy Dar, Hlibniy Dar smaller bottle, Nemiroff, Blagoff.

Some more shots (!?!) of the same bottles.


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/ [Hedda]

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2008-05-19 [itweetinHEELS]: alcoholic, no?

2008-05-19 [Hedda]: I don't drink that much vodka actually... It's so expensive here.

2008-05-21 [Faith.Hope.Love]: Absolut is the best Vodka there is! I didn't even know it was made in Sweden. That's why it's good! he he *thinks a bloody mary's coming up* I think Bols makes the best Brandy. I usually buy Absolut & Bols. Don't have any Brandy here right now, but for 750 ML, the cost here is USD = $23.99 plus tax, of course. ;)

2008-05-29 [fraindamage]: in the british virgin islands its like $11 a fifth of any alcohol u could think of and the drinking age is 18, so i got legally drunk on a week long fishing trip and i cant remember being sober the entire time i was there because the prices were so low and it was legal. lol. good times.

2008-05-31 [Hedda]: I bought the vodka in Ukraine for about $5 per 1 litre bottle, but there were cheaper ones.

2009-06-13 [Porn★Mentality]: omg those look so good

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