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Trowa slowly walked through the beautiful white snow of his mating den, he slowly gazes out at the beautiful blue lake which sparkled from how clean it was. Trowa had always kept his den as beautiful as possible because he often enjoyed looking out at the field when the snow coated the ground to just the right height.

he slowly stopped at the edge of the lake as he leaned his head down his fur now firm and beautiful thinks to the cureing of his sickness and now he was ready to end the lonlyness of his life. it was time to take a mate and nothing stood in his way now.

Trowa quickly raised his head from the water as he gazed out knowing at one point he had not set foot in a mateing den, now he had his own and he planed to Use it. He slowly raised his head back as a loud howl escaped his jaws letting all know that he was joining the hunt for a mate.

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2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She slowly peered out past him and the hills of forest and saw the clouds seem to open for them. Her eyes widened her maw dropped, "It's... beautiful." She saw the moon beaming down on them as flakes of snow showered and sprinkled about them She smiled now knowing she wanted this and it was fate. She raised her ears hearing him and smiled as she lowered her chest to the ground and put her rear up spreading her legs as her tail moved to the side. "I love you Trowa."

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: slowly Trowa stood as he felt Marlean move and get in position, "i love you to Marlean." Slowly Trowa tilted his head back as he relases a beautiful howl which seemed to echo through the mountains like a howl from a hundred wolves, "may our union be blessed." with this said he gazed at Marlean then approached her as his shaft pushed from his sheath making him shiver slightly as the beeze hit his bare knot and shaft and he slowly placed his paws on Marlean's rear as he slowly eased in his tip then pushed in more being gentle with her knowing it was her first time but then again, this was his first time doing it himself but he had seen it down before.

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: Marlean heard his lovely howl and smiled arching her head and gave a soft southern howl which made more snow fall around them. She smiled and readied herself and feeling the rod enter she groaned then winced as he hit the barrier of her Hymen. She pushed against him as it broke and she yipped in pain but she soon groaned feeling his member go deeper, "Trowa... it's alright.. it doesn't hurt." She smiled and licked his chin.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: he felt his member brake through her Hymen as he groaned then heard her speak as she licked hiws chin, "Il force my knot in at the end...just as i give you....our pups." He growled slightly as he began to thrust into her but not hard enough to force his knot in only hard enough to make it hit her entrance as he groaned from her tightness, "Marlean...i love much..."

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She blushed and huffed from the mating. Her eyes had to close from the pleasure but she forced them open to gaze at the moon which made her only tighter at the thought of him being so big in her. She flushed red, "Oh Trow..a.. i..its so good." She moans as her air came out it became steam from the cool night air. Her legs held firm as he force into her she tightened her legs even more tightly now she let out a whimper of pleasure, "Oh.. Tro.wa... I can't wait to have our pups... to be a family.." She felt his knot slowly pushing at her entry and she grew wetter and tried to ease the large part in but it got stuck. She spread her legs more and felt it now wanting to go in, "Put it in... I want it.." She blushed at how naughty she may have sounded.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: Trowa growled and panted slightly over her as his breath came out in steady puffs of smoke as he felt her tighten on him as his fur began to stand on end and glow gold as he felt her tighten more as she grew wetter and called out for him as he slowly growled pulling almost fully out then thrusts back in as his knot and all forced into her and he quickly began to thrust hard and quick, "Marlean......your makes me want more......" he quickly used his paws as he pulled her back against him makeing him go deeper as he felt a buildup begin to form as he allowed his tngue to exit his mouth slightly.

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: Marlean was now out of breath as she let her tongue hang and her breath quickened as she gripped the ground pushing back against him, "Oh TROWA!" She barked in enjoyment as he shoved all the knot in she now felt pleassure no pain. "Ahh.. im so tight... you're... too big!" She blushed enjoying the talk and he liked it. She could tell, "Oh.. Tro..wa... love me harder... faster... put all your seed.. in my womb." She blushed feeling his tip push to her womb and his tip entered she threw her head back in lust, "Yes trowa! There! Put them all there!"

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: Trowa panted over her out of breath himself as he barked in enjoyment as well, "MARLEAN!" he growled as he started to thrust harder and faster as the earth around them started to shake as Trowa's fur turned completely gold as his body seemed to grow younger and stronger as he moved faster and harder then most young hunter and soldier's could dream. was this the power a Alpha has?!

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She blushed hearing him call her name so loudly. The earth shook but she didn't stop. She moaned loudly, "Trowa.." She blushed feeling herself get wet. She knew she was cumming but she couldn't speak or yell or howl! Or could she? She shuddered and let out a booming howl as it made her powers spark and snow fell on them like a blizzard which cooled her burning body from sex, "Oh Trowa!" She cried as she soaked her fur and his from her peak and she knew his seed would come rushing into her making her pregnant with his and he pups.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: Trowa growled as he felt her cum coat him as she howled and her core tightened on him forceing his climax. he throw his head back as he felt her snow fall on them as he let out a loud howl as rock spikes shot up around them covereing the whole mountain except him and her as his seed shot inside her womb filling her to the brim but none leaked out thanks to Trowa's large knot now sealed in her.

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: her cheeks flushed as she panted. She looked up and licks his maw and laid her body down feeling him lay over her completely locked with her till he shrank. She blushed and smiled, "Trowa... it was so.. amazing.. I love you so much." She licked his maw her ears lowered at the love they shared. She smiled kissing him and nuzzled him lovingly so glad he and her could be together.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: Trowa lightly layed over Marlean as he panted slightly getting his breath back as his fur returned to normal and he felt her lick and kiss him which he gladly returned, "I love you to Marlean, more then anything." slowly Trowa looked at moon which shined down on them now, making the cum on them glimmer slightly.

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She smiled and blushed a bit, "Trowa.. i don't want you to go... you said your sick. I don't want you sick. I want to make you feel better. Did... did mating me make you feel more alive? Did I help?" she sadly looked to him and nips his maw lovingly.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: slowly Trowa closed his eyes knowing this was cameing, "it helped for a bit....but i cant just fuck you everyday to keep my sickness in check...if i could i would but your no tool for my use...your my mate...and yes you did help." he smiled as she niped him lovingly as he rubbed his nose against her, "hey, we just mated smile."

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She listened and nodded then hearing his last bit she did indeed smiled and she nuzzled him and nips his maw and chest licking it gently, "Will our pups be sick?" She worried but she wanted a straight answer at least she hoped for one. Her crystal eyes looked to him and smiled sadly licking his nose, "Im sorry."

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: he heard her words as she nuzzled and licked his maw then chest lovingly as he looked at her hearing her apologizing, "no need to be sorry....and no our pups will not get my sickness......its in my blood stream not my seed...if it would transfer i wouldnt have mated you....i wouldnt want to make you go through the life of loseing a pup."

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She nods and nuzzled him licking him and put her paws on his wanting to feel as close as possible, "I don't want us to separate. I want you with me forever." She smiled knowing they'd have to move but the idea soothed her. To feel safe again.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: Trowa felt her lick and nuzzle him as she placed her paws on his, "I want nothing more then to be able to be with you and our pups....but who knows how long this sickness will last."

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: She smiled and nuzzled him and closed her eyes laying her head on his paws and cuddled closer as she felt tired now. She had mated and she would grow more hungry in the coming days and larger as well. She would even get moody.

2011-05-08 [Itami Cross]: he gently layed his head on hers as he warmed her while she slept. he knew what was going to came next, her increased hunger and size but he was ready for it, "marlean,ill never let you go."

2011-05-08 [Yudan333]: [ok mating complete woohoo! now to the den again]
Trowa's Den

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