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2005-07-28 07:34:19
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Trivia: Catch Phrase Contest

We, the staff of Trivia, have decided to make the place a bit nicer, and more lively. So, we need your help in coming up with a catchy 'Catch Phrase' for us. We could do it ourselves, but we are fat and lazy. So, get your mind working, and start to come up with ideas!



1. No longer then twelve (12) words! We want it short and simple, not a paragraph!
2. Don't steal other people's ideas -- that's not nice!
3. Don't delete other people's ideas -- if you do you will be reported!
4. Please make the catch phrase relevent to Trivia -- if it is not relevant to Trivia it will be deleted. REMEMBER: Just adding the word Trivia does not make it Trivia related.
5. Please do not submit more then three (3) entries!
6. Have fun!



<img:stuff/triviawinnercard.jpg> and <img:stuff/catphrasewinner.gif>
These were given to our first place winner, [~altopia~]!

Our second place winner, [Solitiaum], was given this silver trophy!

The third place winner was given this bronze trophy, and that person was [skullhead]!


You can see the final vote at Catch Phrase Contest Submissions!


If you have any questions concerning this contest please contact [Big Brother]

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2005-06-10 [Firenze]: Meh, you never know who is around Elfpack

2005-06-10 [Stephen]: Uhhh... okay Ashley, more powe to you...

2005-06-14 [DatO]: A good guy gone wrong is actualy a bad guy found out

2005-06-14 [Stephen]: I concur?

2005-06-15 [Dwemer]: *sigh*

2005-06-15 [bribri]: wow thats confusing

2005-06-15 [Stephen]: Some people...

2005-06-22 [the queer kidd]: lmao

2005-07-07 [Goodbye EP]: People seem to be very bored, so they are taking it out on us.

2005-07-08 [~Cerys~Cymraeg~]: hmm...i dont know where i am...

2005-07-09 [Stephen]: You are in a place that is not for you. go away.

2005-07-12 [Goodbye EP]: ^_^ Am I allowed in here? Probably not.....

2005-07-12 [Stephen]: Anyone can come here.... besides idtiots, morons, and assholes

2005-07-12 [Goodbye EP]: Well, that is fortunate for me...assholes, you say? Then you have to leave Stephen LOL! Just Kidding *innocent grin*

2005-07-12 [Stephen]: Hahaha!!! I'm an exception, I helped make the contest ;)

2005-07-12 [Goodbye EP]: And we all love you for that....LOOKIE! <img:> I got bored!

2005-07-12 [Stephen]: lol, add it to a graphics page

2005-07-12 [Goodbye EP]: Nah......It *was* for a wiki....however, with some adjustments....

2005-07-13 [Stephen]: lol

2006-06-20 [tazz]: how do i enter

2006-06-20 [Goodbye EP]: Read the rules... I'm pretty sure you can figure it out if you do.... ^_^ 

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