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Toggery Donations

This is not an official Toggery page.

Add your name to the list of elfpackers who are in dire need of toggery for advancement in card trading!

Out of the kindness of your heart... donate togs today!
All donators make themselves known by adding their name to the 'donators' list, stating how much they want to donate.

Requesting Rules

If you would like to be on the list and make it possible for togs to be donated to you, edit the page and add your name to the list below.

You must be registered as a Toggery player to add your name to this list.

There is a limit to how many togs this wiki can generate for you. That total is currently set at one tog per player, though it may increase depending on the kindness of other Elfpackers! ^_^

Once a player has recieved togs up to their limit (currently one tog), they will be moved to an alternate list stating they have recieved up to their limit. This ensures that more people can register, and the tog distribution stays fair.

1: [gods2armys]
2: [kittykittykitty]
3: [FireGypsy]
4: [DeeJay™] <-- pick me, pick me!! :D

Donation Rules

Those wishing to donate their spare togs must either have more than 10 togs in the The Tog Bank, or have a full set of three cards with togs to spare.

This is to stop any cheating and abuse of the system, as any togs that are donated here have to have been [earned] to be donated. Visit Community Service for Togs to find other ways of earning togs!

There will be a wiki recording who has donated in the past and how many togs they have donated, so we may shower them with eternal gratitude ^_^ Please consider donating any unwanted togs, so other members may be gifted by them and put them to good use!

There may also be a banner for those members who have donated togs to display in their descriptions, but this idea is still in the conceptual stages.

Please donators list your name below by editing the page and also stating how many togs you wish to donate. All transactions are final. Once you have donated, you may not have your togs back.


There will be no pushing in line!

Thank you for your cooperation :)


Username (or number or email):


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2006-08-03 [DeeJay™]: whoa nelly! i never said about doing the leg-work! i just wanna get more togs + improve my cards :P

2006-08-03 [DeeJay™]: [skullhead]: + yea, i suppose they could just do that, but maybe there should be more tournaments/things to do with them (without causing you too much extra work) then we could see who plays + who doesnt! :)

2006-08-03 [gods2armys]: come on [DeeJay™] you know you wanna help us out. plz man work with us. if you do we can make sure you help us out and who knows this could be a huge wiki and if you know what that means it. it will mean alot of people will be coming here and we would get to help all of them out and we might GET EP staff posistions for it. and get badges. but dont get your hopes up but plz lets try our best ok.^_^

2006-08-03 [kittykittykitty]: [skullhead] I have been trying to earn togs using the community service. I've sent you a message about 35 reports I made and I am thankful for the togs you have already awarded me, but it can take hours to find things to report, and there should be more things we can work for to earn togs :)

2006-08-04 [Wendy]: I have an idea...!

2006-08-04 [Wendy]: We should get more cowbell.

2006-08-04 [Wendy]: <img:>

2006-08-04 [FireGypsy]: YES!!!!! Omg I cant remember what that is from!

2006-08-04 [gods2armys]: and we should get more peopl involved with toggery. that would be a start

2006-08-22 [Wendy]: 't'was from SNL.


2006-10-29 [skullhead]: that be a good idea

2006-10-29 [gods2armys]: hey it sounds great to me
but hell i still want my togery money :P MEHHH :P

2006-10-30 [skullhead]: Sorry can't help you with that, I’m no longer part of toggery, only as a player.

2006-10-30 [gods2armys]: you got retired man wow thats cool and thats not :S:( but yea man well im all for a toggery strip joint. maybe i can get some of the girls here on EP can advertise :P

2006-10-30 [skullhead]: As long as you don’t get any minors involved, everything’s cool

2006-10-31 [gods2armys]: ummm crap ok ill make sure their an 18 year and older password required thingy :P

2006-10-31 [gods2armys]: wanna help me work this out :P

2006-10-31 [skullhead]: You want to make a swingers club? You need a cool name for it first. Than you need the babes.

2006-10-31 [gods2armys]: hmmm that sounds so tempting right now ?

2011-10-26 [Bookwyrm]: To the page creator:

Thank you for your interest in helping Toggery! At present, Toggery is undergoing many changes. Many new pages are being added, some are being retired, and there will soon be new uses for Togs! At present, we are fairly certain that with the upcoming uses for Togs most people are unlikely to donate Togs to the general public. However if we see a need or a great increase in requests for such a function, we will contact you! :)

I have removed the official Toggery graphics for the time being, as we only allow official graphics to be used for official pages. I did replace them with the HR tag, and you are welcome to keep this page up, however it is not an officially sanctioned Toggery page at this time. Thank you for your understanding! :) If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message.

Be sure to keep an eye on Toggery News for upcoming events and changes!

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