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Being wild & pagan
Getting people to stare
Wearing in your face clothing
Being crazy
Taping things to the walls
[*Almost*] getting kicked out of the commons
Watching Monty Python & Moulin Rouge
Spontaneously reciting various lines from Online cartoons
Being into bondage and kinkiness in general
Having Dane(crazy guy who can jump over cars, and is not perverted [how is this possible?!?!?], did I mention he's our self-titled slave?)
Drinking Dane's BAWLS...
Having awesome music taste
Duct tape
lighting giant mushrooms on fire while everyone huddles around for warmth...mmmm...toasted giant mushroom
Punk/folk/goth/anime/stoners/everyother fucking group
Having alcohol *cough* [*I mean coffee*]
Blowing fire!
Skaning to skatastic music
Waging war against the school administration
Sneaking out at night
Plotting WORLD DOMINATION! (Froggy Edit: And plotting the BT party for the day the world ends!)
Riding in cars with boys
And girls too!



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2009-04-08 [risky]: why cant my cabbage speak spanish?

2009-04-08 [Syn's Desire]: cause cabbage doens't grow in the places spanish is spoken? get it rossetta stone, maybe it can learn

2009-04-09 [Warheart]: Because your cabbage doesn't have a mouth?

2009-04-09 [risky]: MUCHACHO!

2009-04-10 [Obsidian Panthera]: It's not that your cabbage can't speak Spanish, its that it refuses to do so. It's a racist cabbage.

2009-04-24 [risky]: darn you cabbage... what did my people do to you????

2009-04-25 [Syn's Desire]: Probably ate it.

2009-09-18 [risky]: HOLA EVERYBODY! meh... bizzored lol

2010-11-18 [Sandman666]: dude, freakin ghost town...

2010-11-21 [Syn's Desire]: lol, well it's not like many of us keep in touch...we are sort of spread out/

2010-11-22 [Sandman666]: sad...

2010-11-22 [Obsidian Panthera]: BOO!

2010-11-24 [Sandman666]: AHHHH!

2010-11-27 [Obsidian Panthera]: =O

2010-11-27 [Syn's Desire]: *runs and hides*

2012-05-07 [Froggy526]: Holy nostalgia. Hello.

2012-08-30 [Syn's Desire]: Oh hello!

2012-12-10 [Rowan]: Whatever happened to planning that party for the day the world ends... isn't that next week?

2012-12-11 [Syn's Desire]: Yeah, somethign like that....I'm going out the 17th, but got nothign doing for th end of the world...prolly be home sleeping lol. Or drunk, as it's a friday...

2023-07-13 [Sandman666]: My God. I just stumbled back into this place and it is a blasty from the pasty.

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