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Sublime Hatred:

Vampires and werewolves, these days, are considered by most simply myths, beings that never existed. But that's where the majority of the world would be incredibly wrong. Over 300 years ago, in a now non-existant land called Draconia vampires and werewolves did exist- quite violently. These un-human beings would have overtaken the world had it not been for an orginization that has myths all its own. Hotalti, lead by the notorious Jasaira Hotalti- to whom the family organization was passed on to her by her grandfather. Jasaira has a personal reason for wanting all the vampires and werewolves dead. The Queen of the vampires happens to be her sister, Pheonara, turned by a royal vampire when a hoarde of nosferatus hoarded their manor and had taken her hostage. Pheonara had never returned to her beloved sister, and for that Jasaira hates her, and all the other undead who, in her opinion, are violent and unneeded creatures. The werewolves are out for both races, vampires for taking their kills and humans to silence their hunger.
Jasaira has a crew of slayers helping her terminate the vampires, all with their special abilities and exquisite fighting abilities.
The Queen, Pheonara, since being bitten, has grown in power and is determined to show her sister that Vampirism is not bad by changing her. She constantly sends her powerful vampire children to get rid of the excess slayers and try to obtain Jasaira, so that she may be brought back to the Vampire Queen and turned. Pheonara still deeply loves Jasaira and is determined to help her become a true Nosferatu. The Vampires are a dark race who do in fact feed on humans, part of the reason they are so hunted after.
The Ruler of the Werewolves hates both races. The Vampires steal his clan's food and the Slayers are food that, they joke, "bites back". Many of their kind has been lost to both Slayers and Vampires over the years and now they are out for vengence.
The Vampires, Werewolves and Slayers all obtain special abilities. Choose what your ONE ability is.
Help us re-create this epic battle that has been lost to history. Help bring truth to the hatred that the government has so carefully disposed of.
((Send [Jasiara Hotalti] your character's picture and information. Vampires, Slayers, and Werewolves.))

slayer character profiles shall be put on here Hotalti Headquarters
vampire character profiles shall be put on here Brieres' castle
lycan character profiles shall be put on here Ty's Mansion
other profiles shall be put here Tal's Palace
((you can rp in the profile pages if you wish to do so, and they will be constantly under construction, thanks for your attention and cooperation -[Jasiara Hotalti]))

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2010-02-18 [Sir William]: V walked around looking at his old town "wow ten years.... ten years and everything has gone too something even..even worse than hell" V walked into an old diner he used to know and sat at a stool, you wouldnt recognize him with a buzz cut high and tight, and his muscles bigger and he looked at the kitchen as an old man working the grill looked up and yelled out "V How have you been you son of a bitch" He walked out and closed the diner too talk "where have you been for the last ten years" He asked as he pulled out a bottle of ten year old scotch. V sat there and gave a small smirk "its not a question of where Ive been mike, but where im going." the old man smiled and laughed in his thick irish-american accent "Ahhhh the same old V always so virtuous." He smiled as he pulled out two glasses and filled them up a lil distance from the brim "now tell me where have you been?." V sat there and laughed back at the old man "ive been around... cleaning up filth.. but I can see this place has gotten even worse." the man looked at him and responded in his thick accent "aye aye my good man it has, but hey atleast I kept this place looking the way it did for 40 years! and thats a feat I never thought I could even accomplish!" he said before taking a sip from his glass "Jeeze V you look skinny as a rail!, why dont I make you a burger and fries." He said tieing on an apron and walking back into the kitchen with his drink. V smiled and responded "that sounds good mike, I could use some real food not the shit they fed me while i was gone." V said as he sipped on his drink. Mike responded in an enlightened tone. "Aye Aye mate a burger and fries coming up". V sat there contemplative staring at his drink "..."

2010-02-19 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: She leans against him and shrugs, "I thought of a new past time..Any news?" She smiles, trying to conceal the pain in her eyes.

2010-02-21 [Sir William]: The man walks out and sets a plate of fries and a burger in front of V and sits down "thank's Mike" V ate his meal and thanked mike payed him and said his goodbye's as he walked out of the diner back out onto the street as he lit up a ciggarette, his signature USA menthol 100's

2010-02-22 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Constantine tries to give her a reassuring smile, but shakes his head and sighs, "The doctors say that she may not wake up..." Kikote curses under his breath as he passes by V not noticing much of his surroundings.

2010-02-23 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: "She will." Kristina smiles and walks into Leyla's room.

2010-02-26 [Sir William]: V noticed who it was "Kikote?" V said as he took a puff off of his ciggarette

2010-07-26 [Elf_Person]: Kasu and Keto walk into town together finaly working out thier problems, keto had changed alot, his once purple spike up hair was now flowing to the middle of his back, his errogence gone. Kasu hadnt changed a bit hit, their long black cloaks dragging the ground thye both walk straight to the castle looking around
Keto "Nothing ever changes here, ts the same as it was when I was a kid" he laughed alittle
Kasu "Agreed little brother I wonder if father is ever going to come back"
Keto sighed "Probly not he was bound and determined to stay asleep this time"
Kasu "We could wake him up but the old man might kill us"
Keto laughed "He's gettin up in age he might have trouble now"
they both laughed in unison

2010-09-06 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote raised his brow, "Yes?"

2011-03-30 [Elf_Person]: keto sensed kikote and went to him leaving Kasu in the castle keto walked up to kikote "long time no see old man"

2011-06-17 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote glances at keto and gives a small smirk, "Where'd you disappear to? Still training nonstop?"

2011-11-30 [Elf_Person]: Keto laughed a bit "Me and Kasu have been 'bonding' learned alot of new tricks you outta see em somtime old man"

2012-01-05 [Jasiara Hotalti]: With a raised brow Kikote smiles a bit,"That sounds like a bit of fun, I may take you up on that. I haven't seen anything intriguing for a good while now. Things have been much too quiet of late."

2012-06-27 [Elf_Person]: Keto smirked "Ill get you this time old timer"

2012-07-18 [Jasiara Hotalti]: "Do try, we shall see how much you have improved or not." Kikote smirks in challenge

2012-10-01 [Elf_Person]: Keto smirked rembering te last couple of time they have fought on how he would merly rush into battle he walked slowly up to kikote with a wild smirked and out of no where swung on him

2012-11-08 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote raises a brow and with a laugh blocks Keto easily and flips over him knocking Keto to the ground in the process.

2012-11-10 [Elf_Person]: Keto winced slightly as he hit "wow the diffrent approch didnt help well damnit" keto spun around sweeping Kikote off his feet

2012-11-10 [Elf_Person]: Keto winced slightly as he hit "wow the diffrent approch didnt help well damnit" keto spun around sweeping Kikote off his feet

2013-02-10 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote smiles as he puts one hand to the ground and flips easily; "Try again," he smirks

2013-05-25 [Elf_Person]: Keto laughed and shrugged "well old man theres only one thing to do" keto jumps onto Kikote's back

2014-04-10 [Jasiara Hotalti]: Kikote blinks in slight surprise before grabbing a hold of Keto and throwing him off with a small chuckle, "Is that the best you can do?"

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