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2005-09-09 09:58:24
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stupidest username competition

How stupid can a username be? Is "Hornybitchboy" the worst you can come up with?

Here, suggest the username that you would never use!

Rules: You may add any username, regardless of it was you who came up with it or not, if it's an actual Elfpack username, or if it's obscene. It must not be insulting though!

Prize: You'll get cool-points! From [Hedda]! That will be extremely cool! I hope I fix it soon, and you'll know what it's about ;-)

And the winner is:

[MarieFair] with "sexy_bitch69"

This username says it all. It's not creative, it's not useful, it doesn't say anything about the user behind it, except that it probably is a pretty stupid girl. It's just a very stupid username! Congratulations [MarieFair] !


[elementgk16]Hedda (example-entry)
[Hedda]: Hornybitchboy (Example-entry)
[Fallen Child Athena] :retarded asshole
[Goodbye EP]: TP_For_My_Bunghole or Life_is_like_a_box_of_condoms
[Vader] Poke_it_with_a_stick_Barry_Go_on_get_it_angry!
[FireGypsy]: IDidYourMomsORing
[~Neo Angel~]: TrashonthisBitch!?!
[Lodengarn]: Imi Hankyu 14
[Whim]: Hedda
[JasperBoy05] : 67128ismypassword
[Ihsahn] Jaque Meihoff
[Solitiaum] iRiDeThEsHoRtBuSs
[Vader] Punch a Dolphin! Woof!
[Madame_Farerr] poop on a stick, I TiPe LYKe Dis! YoU LikE?, Piggy~tails~are~fun~to~lick.
[Goodbye EP]Mcdonalds_has_DVDs_in_a_vending_machine
[Hedda]: Superhorny potato
[POPPY CAT]: Superhorny Hedda
[Vader] What do batteries run on?
[Goodbye EP]: [POPPY CAT]
[Hedda]: Not horny cyberbitch <--[Goodbye EP] says: THAT'S ME!
[SimpleAnnie]: chewy cardboard, i-think-u-stepped-in-my-poo, stick, door hugger, tickle-me-elmo-licker, jungle boot
[~Neo Angel~]: GrUmPyVaSeLiNe
[Goodbye EP]:[x Baybhee Emily x],[*Baby Girl*], I_did_your_daddy's_mom, DON'T_BLAME_ME,_BLAME_THE_DOG!,
GetRidoftheunderwearbaby, [Whim].
[MarieFair]: oniontop
[Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ] "i forgot"
[Love like Winter.]: Gothic_Vamp_666, cute hot and sexy lilchav (yet there isn't any pictures of me, wonder why).
[Goodbye EP]:I got crabs at joe's
[Music of the Night]: BuShAnIkWiTz
[Music of the Night]: wow!_orphan_of_the_year!_ur_parents_must_be_really_proud!!
[Goodbye EP]Your mom does your dad.
[The Darkest Star.] I have had this username but anyway:: "Join the bowel movement.", and how about "Super, horny, sexy, up-for-anything nun"
[Dwemer]: President Castro - that sounds really stupid!
[POPPY CAT]: why did you bite my cat?
[Orestez] : [mr rogers colostomy bag]
[Goodbye EP]: The pwnzor!
[Vader] Viva le Roast Beef
[zanders] erm... cuz its my name.
[~Neo Angel~]: EmailInWhatEnvelope?
[Goodbye EP]: Ineed45%ofthemoneyBritneyandMadonagotforkissing
[catey anne!!!!!!]: BambooNinjas
[Yummy girl]: cat woman in disguise
[catey anne!!!!!!]: bowlcut hairdoo
[Yummy girl]: if life gives you lemons make lemonaid. then find someone who's life gives them vadca and have a party

[Yummy girl]: FUCK the FUCKING FUCKERS!
[Goodbye EP]: Since you suck all the time, why not suck on a mint?
[FireGypsy]: R3T4rDCyB3rFr34K
[Yummy girl]: lick pickles
[FireGypsy]: TamponString
[Goodbye EP]: SPORK_ARMY!
[UncleBuzzie]: unclebuzzie
[~Neo Angel~]:Walking legless with a winning lotto ticket?
[MarieFair]: sexy_bitch69
[chocolatemonster]: my_username
[Hair Mousse] : American_Democracy
[melonmonster] : _
[deletedguy2006] : i thought this was random and its mine too
[Tear] : [*insert sylish name here*]
[MarieFair] pimpinpink
[lame palindrom e mordnilap emal]: "emordnilapemalamepalindrome"
[~Neo Angel~]: MakingoutSolo
[Goodbye EP] Boot suckin' rattlesnake
[Neon_Corpse]: *XxXkiller_sheepXxX*
[Neon_Corpse]: frogs_are_sexy
[Neon_Corpse]: ur_mom_makes_me_horny
[Goodbye EP]:*gasp* Don't put fruit in the holes!
[FireWing]:Bungholio Guitar Solio
[~Neo Angel~]: Babypoopsalot
[654dghs] Ben_Dover
[Dwemer] You_Like_Typing_This_Username?
[Elise*] lick pickles
[Elise*] morbidpanda
[Manda Ann Perfection] UmpaLumpaBabe
[Madame_Farerr]: Tear, Dwemer, Firenze, *gasp* I told you already, don't make me tell you again where to put the fruit!
[Madame_Farerr]:(This entry is dedicated to [Tear]) i helped my uncle jack off a horse!
[Tear]:(for [Madame_Farerr]) * I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse!
[Madame_Farerr]: (For [Tear]) *Spelling nazi
[Tear]: Molly <--[Is a sexy bitch](lol)
[Madame_Farerr] Fuckthespellingnazi
[Madame_Farerr]: [Tear]
[Tear]: [:.]
[Skadia]: [Jabba The Slut]
[Elise*] kill the pinapple..
[Elise*] shlurple the purple
[Elise*] Tangerine Terror
[Artemis Riddle] Please message me
[Artemis Riddle] Add my msn
[pirate`bunny] - *18/m/Turkey/intelligent conversation*
[individual thought]: [654dghs]
[*Kitty*] cockjuggling thundercunt
[FireGypsy] [HottyHotLine208]
[Rider] -HorniePonie
[-Fï®ë»ÂT»WïLL-] -[me sexy]
[X2] Everyone think that is have something with X-Man to do=/
[jimi hendrix#1]
[Ihsahn] [Ihsahn]
[Dorkmuncher] How is it not stupid?
[spandex is a privalge nt a right!!!] elfpack entrance
[X\x..Kiss The Girl..x/X] [interesting_name_pending]
[X2] Everyone think that is have something with X-Man to do=/
[jimi hendrix#1]
[Ihsahn] [Ihsahn]
[Dorkmuncher] How is it not stupid?
[spandex is a privalge nt a right!!!] elfpack entrance
[X\x..Kiss The Girl..x/X] [interesting_name_pending]
[SecludedMemories] click here to delete yourself from elfpack
[Eyes of the Reaper] Insert Name Here
[skullhead] ----> [Mr. Timmy] Can you believe this is actually a user name
[Viperess] Pisslanealley
[Viperess] dirtyrottenscumbag
[Viperess] Suckmybigcrustytoes
[x Press Play\+] Confused
[FireGypsy] ChunkyMonkeyJuice
[MarieFair] [lonely girl 69]....made me laugh and I thought it was stupid!
[cina]Imavampirr <-Or any other vampire-related name obviously typed up by an eight-year-old boy. >.<
[shiorysm] wow! i'm here!!
[shiorysm] username (or any other word in the change personal data)
[Viperess] blow-my-horn-bitches
[LATERR.] [LATERR.]<-- my name is stupid if you ask me ^_^
[joeluck] hmm how about............bloz - dont ask that was to random
[My Imortal] My_Tail_Hurts!
[xX-Th£_ FØrGöTtêñ_ Øn£-Xx] blegh
[-ollywood-] randomnessibbillyobbilly
[Dwemer] Trojan_.exe
[freak in a cage] Your mom sucks, my Dad told me so!
[duxy]i ate berries... and now im dead
[melonmonster] i_am_a_phsyco_hacker
[melonmonster] don't message me because I'm really important - I'm my mother's daughter!!!!
[Kariento] - ImUglyKissMeImDesperate
[Kariento] - SuMtiNLikEtHis

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2005-08-13 [Tear]: . Download the trial version. This program rocks.

2005-08-15 [Ł â Đ ŷ √IN Р ι п Ķ]: o this is an awesome idea

2005-09-01 [Dead Inside.]: How do you enter this?

2005-09-01 [Tear]: Very carefully.

2005-09-10 [SimpleAnnie]: with a stick in ur hand to beat of goblins

2006-08-09 [..oops..]: i think that hornybitchboy should have, his

2006-08-10 [Goodbye EP]: her username.

2006-08-10 [Tear]: lewl. Molly, that makes me giggle. I say that hornybithboy should make an appearance.

2006-08-10 [Goodbye EP]: hmmm.. I think you're correct! ^_^

2006-08-10 [Madame_Farerr]: ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!?!?!

2006-08-10 [Goodbye EP]: O_O No sir!

2006-08-10 [Tear]: Yeah, punk, what're you gonna do it about it?!?!?!?!?

2006-08-10 [Madame_Farerr]: Watch it or I will kick your ass.

2006-08-10 [Tear]: You can't do shit to a ninja homes.

2006-08-10 [Goodbye EP]: YES-huh. >_>

2006-08-10 [Tear]: Not when I am in my fort.

2006-08-10 [Goodbye EP]: The cinderblock structure in your back yard? Psssha!

2006-08-10 [Tear]: That one too! It is my summer fort. I meant my poker table.

2006-08-10 [Goodbye EP]: Oh... damn. *crushes the poker table* what now?


2006-09-30 [Madame_Farerr]: >__>

2011-03-08 [mattyc]: bloody hell. where is everyone these days 2006

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