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2007-04-28 12:02:38
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Story di Hedda

I were walking through the shining spring sun. Smelling the flowers and dreaming about the future.
Watching the calm trees rising up to the sky like hardened dicks.
Seeing the birch blossom.
But I was wearing sunglasses to protect my dark soul. Carrying the icy water from the winter in my hands.
Trying to relax when summer is hitting hard...
... is like denying your feelings for the fair lady.
Maybe the summer can be missed too, if you do it wrong?
Or maybe it's just so far away?
Like some trees that still look barren to me.
But the dream is still there...
And the sun is shining even brighter.
But in the end of it...
Study the ants...
As they carry the bounty too big to fit into their caves.
But they are working and struggling.
Never giving up.
And they go on and on...
When they are tired another bunch of ants come around.
But the fly still don't fit into the hole.

So then you start wonder. Maybe the road is better than the goal?

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