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2005-05-05 21:54:03
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Hey Now! This is just a wiki where you can just hang out and shit nothing special...This is a wiki where you can just hang and talk about anything......made by:[*~*Sexxi*~*]

If you like to smoke weed this is the wiki for you!

I am a certified STONER and I love WEED!

Different names for Marijuana:
Mary Jane
smoking dope
white rina
white rino
Ed (weed)
Ed Jr. (a dime)
Ed Sr. (a 20)

(damn I cant think!!! damn you weed!!!)
if you can think of some more tell me!

#1...[*~*Sexxi*~*] I am the Plant Manager! And owner of this wiki! stoner since 12
#2...[Fallen Redemption] Im not a real stoner but oh well!
#3...[Ma Vie En Rose]
#5...[rebel girl]
#8...[darkprincess]stoner since i was 14
#9...[Gecko Graves]
#10.[Ma Vie En Rose] stoner since uhhhhh 13
#11...[The Skeleton In Your Closet]ive bin a stoner since i was 6...i think...O.o


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2004-12-11 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: yep i am so proud of myself! thanx 4 helping me [Fallen Redemption]

2004-12-12 [NIKKI.]: wow how do i joiiinnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

2004-12-13 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: ill add you ok?

2004-12-17 [rebel girl]: wow! i need to join... will u add me??!!

2004-12-17 [elsie2005]: wow i wanna join! plz can u add me?

2004-12-21 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: aight i will

2004-12-22 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: come on now i know we got sum smokers out there speak up now damn niggas

2005-01-03 [Evocobra]: stoners are funny!

2005-01-03 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: i know! my Fiance doesnt smoke weed but i do and hell like ill be stoned from hell and back and he will confuse me and laugh at me and shit all the time!!!

2005-01-03 [Evocobra]: i so don't blame him

2005-01-04 [elsie2005]: ok....

2005-01-09 [Gecko Graves]: dude, this sounds rad, sighn me up : )

2005-01-23 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: hey i am really funny when im high i got lost in walmart 1 day b.c. of weed my fiance had to show me around it lmao

2005-01-23 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: stoner since 12 yrs of age

2005-01-24 [Pheonix Ashes]: peace,pot,tequila shot, jesus luvs you stoned or not, sex,drugs,rock+roll,speed,weed,birth control,lifes a bitch then u die, fuck the world lets get high.we are stoners we have class,mess with us we'll kick your ass, so to all you preps who think your cool go to hell cuz stonerz rule

2005-01-25 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: i like that!

2005-02-08 [machina god]: i just bought an ounce last friday and it's spretty much well finished ...pic of it on my house

2005-03-01 [Pheonix Ashes]: Roses are dead. Violets are to. I wanna have sex just not with you.

2005-07-06 [Aero_Chick08]: hey i wanna join

2005-12-02 [*~*Sexxi*~*]: add your name

2006-11-16 [Tiffany]: i wanna join

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