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One the bus yet again on my way to college as I listen to my ipod. I just need music to drown out the sound of all the chatter on the bus cause that chatter would give me a head ache. I would have driven to college but it's winter and I hate to drive in the snow and ice. I keep thinking I'm going to hurt someone cause I watch the news about car crashes in winter and they are not pretty. I pressed the red button to get off the bus, I picked up my black leather bag and walked off the bus when it stopped. I walked up the wide pathway to the front door of the college wearing my skinny jeans, two t-shirts under my red hoodie. I had my black scarf and matching gloves on. I could hear the sound of my black UGG boots against the snow and ice. I slipped on the ice but I grabbed the lamppost and held on for dear life.

"Bloody hell I hate winter." I mumbled. Then I slowly let go of the lamppost and walked slowly to the double doors of the college. Once I was in side the building alive, I walked past the front desk and waved to the ladies there. I saw Kyle smiled as he trys to chat up Penny Williams and it dosen't look like he was doing so good. Kyle was wearing dark jeans and a dark blue hoodie with trainers. His brown hair with blond highlights was styled to perfection. Kyle was a tall guy and build like a runner or a swimmer and of course he was hot.

"Hey Kyle!" I called to him as I walked to him as Penny walked away from Kyle.

Kyle looked over at me."Hey Rose. Whats up? Why's you leave the Yahoo! convo and facebook last night?" he raised his brown eyebrow at me.

"Kyle I had college work. Unlike you I do my college work." I chuckled.

Kyle rolled his eyes at me."Ha funny but you missed the best bit of gossip Emma had."

"What? That the hot girl is gay and so is the hot guy which means none of us have a chance?" I rolled my eyes.

Kyle shook his head."Nope from what Emma said was that..."Kyle looked at the clock."Come on we're gonna be late for English."

He grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hallway as I prostrated that I didn't need to be dragged. I wondered what Kyle was going to say before he noticed the time. He couldn't of noticed after he told what Emma said? Kyle dragged me into the small English room and to the back of the room, all the other students where looking at us and saying hey to us. Once I was in my seat I said hey to everyone then I smacked Kyle's arm.

"I didn't need to get dragged here. And anyways what where you going to say?" I say as I take out my note book.

"Ouch thanks for the mark on my arms, Rose. And I was going to to say...yo the Mark is here." he says as he got out his note book.

I sat up as I put my note book on my desk and I saw Mark Harkness. He is the English teacher at the college and he's pretty cool guy for a teacher. Mark was tall with ginger hair and glasses.

"Listen up everyone. The headmaster would like a word with you all." Mark said as he took a seat at his desk by the window. Headmaster John Carr came into the room wearing a gray suit, white shirt and a blue tie. But he wasn't alone when he came into the room, he was followed by a boy.
A boy with blond hair that was the color of sunshine. He was wearing broken in blue jeans, white T-shirt that showed off his mucles and of course he had his leather jacket on. He had a backpack over his left shoulder. It was the guy from the bus. The hottie that Emma was going on about.

My jaw dropped when I noticed it was him. I looked down cause I could feel my cheek where burning with a blush. I could hear some of the girls whispering about the hot guy and I knew they where wondering if he had a girlfriend cause that what I was thinking about.

"Everyone I would like for you to meet Cole Bennett. He's just moved from London with his family. Now I would like for you all to welcome him and show him the respect you show each other. I need someone to show Cole around for the week, to make sure he dosen't get lost." And like magic every girls hand went up and so did some gay guys hands.
I sighed and shook my head a little. I couldn't believe that the class is going to be like this. Drooling over some hot guy with a sexy name. Okay yes I find him hot enough to drool over but I wouldn't be so obvious about it.

"Ah Kyle why don't you watch out for Cole, since you are class rep." The headmaster said. A class rep is someone that dose alot of comlaning to the staff about what the students are unhappy about. Kyle is very good at moaning about stuff to folk.

Kyle looked at the headmaster."Umm...sure. No worries." he looked at Cole and then back to the head master.

"Thank you Kyle." he looked at Cole."Why don't you take a seat and then Mark can start his lesson."

Cole nodded and walked over to the desk in front of us. I just kept my head down at last weeks notes. I was dieing to watch him but I couldn't. I didn't want act like a stalker or anything.

Kyle smiled at Cole."I'm Kyle Smith and this is my best mate Rose Walker."I heard him say and I wanted to kick him cause he told the new guy my name. I wanted to tell him. Oh Kyle is going to get a slap for it. I looked up a little and saw Cole looking at me.

"Umm...Hi. Welcome to Borders College." I said softly as Cole just looked at me. He didn't say anything but he did look into my eyes. And I paniced cause people freak out if they look into my eyes. So I looked back down at my work as Mark called the class to order and started his lesson. And for onces I'm glad I was in class or I would have ran away from Cole.

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