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2007-01-21 23:02:37
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Happy #1 Birthday Rebeca




Christmas morning








Happy #2 Birthday Rebeca





Beach time with friends


This drawing of my baby girl Rebeca, was made by [Lust]. Thank you Lynn.

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2006-06-07 [skullhead]: thanks!

2006-06-25 [Air-inn]: she is soo cute!

2006-06-27 [Dead Inside.]: I want to buy her something...

2006-07-15 [eyes of frost]: Skull she is so adorable! *secretly plans a kidnapping*

2006-07-15 [skullhead]: Thanks *gets the rifle gun ready*

2006-07-16 [eyes of frost]: will never catch me! *does a Rock-lee fast bolt grabbing teh babe*

2006-07-16 [skullhead]: *Shoots at you and puts a golf ball seize hole, in the middle of your forehead. Walks away with the girl in hands*

2006-07-16 [kittykittykitty]: Hmmm..... you're very protective over her, eh [skullhead]? ^_^

2006-07-16 [skullhead]: that I am lol ^___^ *reloads rifle gun*

2006-07-16 [ScareCrow]: cant blame him, rebeca is adorable and he needs to protect her ^^

2006-07-18 [eyes of frost]: *Heals completely and steals her again*

2006-08-27 [traci lynn]: shes a cutie

2006-08-28 [FireGypsy]: Awe what a cutie!

2006-10-12 [freek_chik]: awwww she is soooo beautiful

she does take after you

2006-10-12 [skullhead]: That’s exactly what I say :P

2006-10-14 [freek_chik]: lol you are such a great father i am happy you have her because it looks like you need her as much as she needs you

2006-10-14 [skullhead]: You can say she complements me

2006-10-14 [FireGypsy]: She is too cute ^_^

2007-01-18 [Lust]: Did anyone tell you that she is really my baby? =P
Yeah that's right people!

2007-01-18 [skullhead]: <img:sutN.gif> NO COMMENTS

2007-01-19 [Lust]: =P Buh ha ha, you know you love me!

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