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Welcome to the Randomonia Dictionary Contest!

The Aim of the game

Make up a random word and a random meaning for it and see if I gets added to the Randomonia Dictionary. The people whose words make it into the dictionary will also win a prize!

The Rules

<img:> Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

<img:> The deadline for entries is the 26/08/07.

<img:> The words and meanings must be something you have created yourself. This means no words taken from films, books, or songs.

<img:> There is a three word limit per person. This means you can only post Three words for judging.

<img:> Words and their meaning should be laid out like this -How to lay out entries

<img:> Words must be suitable for all members of Elfpack. No sexist, homophobic, or racist words and/or word meanings will be allowed.

<img:> Words that do not comply with the rules will be removed. Any argument over this will result in you being banned from further contests.

<img:> Have fun! After all, that’s what the contest is designed for!:D

<img:> When the main Randomonia Contest Page is full, put entries here - Randomonia Contest Page 2

<img:> If you have any questions, please ask [nevan]
The Randomonia Contest Crew

Help spread the word! The more entries the better! ^_^


1st - Wins a special RDC trophey
2nd - Wins an RDC winners medal
3rd - Wins an RDC winners banner

All winners have their word added to the dictionary

And the Winners are!-

First - [Bookwyrm] with the word Twillmonger!
Join second - [The Experiment.] and [Tyrant Calhoun] with the words Blootsnoot and Metish Nevas
Third [Steph-O-Melon] with the word Hunundie

Congratulations to our winners and we hope to see you all again next contest!

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2007-05-22 [shinobi14]: Maybe... but it makes you feel good, doesnt it? XD

And if you must know, no im not just saying it. =D

Well done. ^___^

2007-05-22 [Monster Master]: Yay! Thank you, Shinobi. :D

2007-05-22 [shinobi14]: De nada. ^-^

2007-05-24 [Supernova.]: NUUU!!!! I so would've OWNED this contesto....

2007-05-24 [shinobi14]: Dont worry, Oreo. It will be on again. [nevan] organised it, coz she is just cool like that. =D

So just wait, and put this page under watch. =]

2007-05-24 [Supernova.]: I shall...and I shall totally own....

2007-05-29 [Enneigard Rebirth]: owned.

2007-08-26 [shinobi14]: pwnage!!! =D

Hey, tis the last day of the competition!! ^___^

2007-08-26 [nevan]: Yus! If anyone else wants to take part now, they better get in quick! :D

2007-08-26 [Bookwyrm]: Yes. ^_^ I just saw that it was about to end yesterday. XD

2007-08-26 [shinobi14]: A much better turn out than last time, eh Nevi? ^-^

Glad you opened the competition again. =]

2007-08-26 [nevan]: Yup! I'm happy we have more people taking part again!
XD I needed something to do, anyway >w<

2007-08-26 [shinobi14]: Golly gosh, i hope I win. ^___^ Ive always wanted a weird and wonderful Giffie Pet! =D 

2007-08-27 [Bookwyrm]: -giggle- I just wanted to participate, if I won, I'd probably just hold a contest and offer up that ticket. XD Or something like that.

2007-08-27 [shinobi14]: Ah! Traci, what exactly is an "Exotica" pet? =]

2007-08-27 [hytrjuhytjhgjg]: Whoa, I read that completely wrong.
Thought it said Erotica. xD

2007-08-28 [Bookwyrm]: Exotic. You know, baby panda bears, pygmy can find the image list of them on the Normal Pet Storehouse under "Exotica." ^_^

2007-08-28 [shinobi14]: Wow... Erotica Pets... ^____^ Gotta be done. =D

And those Exotica pets are verry cute. XD

2007-08-28 [Bookwyrm]: Ish. ^_^ My hubby has a pygmy owl.

2007-08-28 [Supernova.]: Voting, woo ^^

2007-11-23 [Enneigard Rebirth]: votiiiing

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