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2008-02-17 23:18:44
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RIP Ma Niggas

dat nigga Jeff. higher than life
ma nigga dustin and his girl ashley.
everyone kickin it.
everyone jus playin some friendly poker
ma nigga had doe like. Jeff and J-One
yea thats right, fuck da world!!!
speaks for itself.
ma nigga O.G. 6lu3 LOc!!! R.I.P.
my nigga! rest easy up there.

/ [AJ_Biggums]

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2008-05-18 [-Steffyxxo;]: thats sad hun sorry about ur friends...wat happened?

2008-06-29 [{{DAt MARRiEd lAdY}}]: damn yo , i woulda loved to meet all em deyy cutee

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